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  1. I'm curious about how other people use the
    I mostly browse the threads, i.e. I tune into a thread and look for interesting threads to read. Then I read the interesting threads and posts and sometimes add a comment myself.
    Every once in a while I will post a question and wait for answers. However, for me this is a very minor use compared to browsing, not enough to justify using for this feature alone.
    Sometimes I use the search function as well. However, seems to be set up mainly to emphasize new posts, and while I sometimes find search function to be useful, in my experience it is only marginally so.
    I also like to read some of the equipment reviews, and I sometimes look at the learning section.
    Being a heathen, I don't use the gallery features very much, though perhaps I should use it more.
    How about you. How do you use
  2. According to my spouse, is my wife.
  3. Being a heathen, I don't use the gallery features very much, though perhaps I should use it more.​
    One of the most puzzling statements I've ever seen on PN. Care to explain? Whatever does being a "heathen" have to do with using/not using gallery features?
  4. The "heathen" comment refers to one of the alternate meanings of the word, in this case meaning uncultured or uncivilized. I am using it in a self deprecating way to imply a possible lack of artistic sensibilities. Perhaps in my case one might think in terms of nerdiness or technogeek or something like that. Consequently, I spend more time thinking about the technical aspects of photography than the artistic side, so at I tend to spend less time looking at the photos and more time reading the technical stuff.
  5. "The "heathen" comment refers to one of the alternate meanings of the word, in this case meaning uncultured or uncivilized."
    "How about you. How do you use"​
    Obviously much different than you!
    Sorry, I'm probably reading more into your comments than were intended, but they do seem a little insulting whether you're referring to yourself or others.
    Although I too spend a great deal of my time here, I utilize both the technical side as well as the artistic side of PN, and sometimes the not so technical or artistic side! After all, it is considered a "community," but I don't think we're heathens, uncultured or uncivilized by any means!
  6. No. I'm the heathen. Not the other people here.
  7. Look at a few pics, post a few pics, discuss a few pics, help a few folks out, receive a bit of help, give a couple of tech tips, pick up a couple of tech tips. Stand in amazement at the generous, sensitive and talented people here. A place to find inspiration and generally bask in the glow of being with like-minded folks, from all walks of life, from all over the world, who love photography. There's even a few yuks to be had along the way. There are surprisingly few jerks although some would do well to open up a can of Lighten Up. In any case, it's totally worth the price of a subscription to support such a place.
  8. I Read the threads, comment and occasionally I post a thread. I do not really have many questions as I pretty much know my gear and what I want to do when I have some time and a little light. I sometimes do a search for a topic to see what people had to say such as if I am going to buy a lens or try out a different film. I do not look at the gallery's at all any more. The pictures are nice and all but I am not a big fan of fantasy photos and all that type thing. I do not care for the vulgar nudity that is in the galleries and find staying out of the galleries is the best way to avoid being disgusted. I was given a guitar (Cordoba C-5) last night unexpectently for a birthday gift so I probably will spend more time with that in the evenings then I am going to try and learn to play classical music. My unskilled fingers are hurting a little right now so I put it away.
  9. Heathen. Learn something every day.
  10. I read the Unified Forums, maybe make some posts, and zip by the Casual Photography, Off-Topic and Philosophy Forum where I often post. I almost never look at the galleries, unless I want to see a specific person's work.
  11. ross, why don't you just use the "no nudes) option and then you can see all the other photos that are posted without anything you might see as offensive popping up?
  12. Good topic - interesting to get other perspectives. I enjoy the forums - casual conversations, beginner questions, off-topic, eos forum and any of the general discussions that float up to the top daily. I have learned a lot about technical issues and equipment; and about how to shoot a particular type of photo. And I really like the give-and-take, there are some passionate and opinionated folks hereabouts! I occasionally go to member galleries to follow up a discussion or set of pictures and there are some wonderful galleries on this site.
    One thing that has proved very useful is the travel forum - I've used it to help organize two trips in the past year and have received a lot of useful advice.
  13. Interesting topic. I use PN like many of you. I view the unified version of the forum to see if there's anything interesting out there, either something where I can add value by posting a comment, or posts where I can learn from others.
    Every once in a while I post a question and the responses are typically very good.
    I rarely post pictures.
    I would love to use the search functionality more but it is completely lacking in that it does not support advanced search. That makes it hard to fund what you're looking for. No complaints here as PN is still an amazing value.
  14. After being flogged a couple of times for providing honest unflinching critique, not delusional fluffery, I quit posting and critiquing photos.
    I participate in the forums, answering such questions as I can, and asking them when I need advice, but I don't critique pictures. Many people are waaaay too touchy and ego-centric about their work here to accept any real criticism.
  15. I use it to ask questions, get/give advice, blow off steam(although this is not recommended), waste time, scroll through the galleries, talk about equipment(since 99% of normal people don't want to hear about it) , get new ideas, post some pictures, have some fun.
    I usually call people who register just to ask one or two questions then dissapear without saying thanks, or they register just to put somebodies work down, "Drive-Bys". You can usually identify them by their empty home page.
  16. "You ole' heeeeathen!" (Aunt Esther) I'd rather be a heathen than a fish-eyed fool.
    I live in the forums. I even have my route:
    Pentax forums first, then I bump up to Off Topic, then left to Casual Photo Conversations, then down to Classic Manual Cameras.
    If I have time I hit Digital Darkroom, and then it's over to Portraits and Fashion or Travel.
    Sometimes I look at pictures in the gallery. I haven't gone into the Critique Forum for a year probably.
    I use the search function relentlessly to learn as much as I can. PN is better than google for looking up anything you can imagine. I am amazed at the wealth of information PNetters bring to the table.
  17. I use it mainly to learn from others and to occasionally state my opinion. I have learned a lot here and at the same I have also learned a lot about what I don't know or fully understand. It keeps my photographic ego in place to a degree.
  18. ross, why don't you just use the "no nudes) option and then you can see all the other photos that are posted without anything you might see as offensive popping up?​
    How do you do that?
  19. ross, all of the gallery pages have a drop down box at the top of the page that allows you to select the category you want to view. for instance, in the critique forum the first category says "all"...and next on the list is "all (no nudes)". Select that one by checking the box next to it, and then click "filter"...and that's it!
  20. It appears to me that not all categories let you select the "no-nudes" option, and then there are the gratuitous examples that may show as soon as you go to the galleries page, without the opportunity to select "no nudes" such as the one presently showing:
    Himba woman
  21. Alan, If "nude" landscapes, cars, and flowers bother ya...then I suppose you better steer clear. But otherwise...if you got to the Critique Forum, and keep your settings on "All (no nudes)...only an accidental slip in the posting will result in your viewing a nude. Hopefully if this one will go blind.
  22. Typically I use via the internet. I can't read the printed version due to presbomyopia.
  23. John,
    Do you always make such stupid and insulting comments, or are you just making an exception in this case?
  24. Alan, You need to open up a big old can of " lighten up"... and develop something called a sense of humor. Are you always this hyper-sensitive? You might reflect on your own comment... Have a great day, Alan!
    p.s. - if you actually see the photo you pointed out..."Himba Woman", as being vulgar (which was the type of photographs ross said he was trying to avoid...I'd suggest that you stay away from that porno channel known as National Geographic...
  25. John, Obviously, your mother never taught you the difference between insult and humor, so I guess it is up to the rest of us to do so.
    As to the Himba Woman woman photo. It was unquestionably a nude, and it was unquestionably gratuituous because it appeared under "Gallary" tab, which as far as I am aware does not have a "no nudity" setting, so I was being absolutely factual and objective in pointing out that the nude photo was gratuitous and not something that the user could screen out by applying some kind of setting.
    Furthermore, if you will read my post you will see that at no point did I apply a value judgment, such as calling the picture, to use your words, "vulgar", so you comment on that score was not even relevant to my post.
    I suggest you open a good big old can of "smarten up" and another big old can of "good manners" and develop a modicum of civility and good judgment.
  26. I do not care for the vulgar nudity that is in the galleries... -
    ross b
    Furthermore, if you read my post you will se that at no point did I apply a value jedgment, such as calling the picture, to use your words, "vulgar", so your comment on that score was not even relevant to the post. - Alan​
    Alan, First of my initial post I was trying to help ross b find a way to browse through the galleries without being offended by what he described as "vulgar nudity". (see quote, above) ross didn't say anything about avoiding what you described as, "gratuitous" nudity...he said he wanted to avoid "vulgar" nudity. A simple definition of "gratuitous": unnecessary and unjustifiable. I suppose it depends on your use of the word...but I see the photograph in question as being just as "necessary" as pictures of any other subject matter...and as "justifiable" as a picture that would fit into any other category. If we were talking "movies" (for instance)... gratuitious nudity is generally considered scenes where people get "nekked"...just for the sexual titilation, and nothing more. No relevance to the value of the story line...just sex for the sake of sex. In that sense of the usage, I don't see "Himba Woman" as gratuitous...much less, vulgar. You began this thread referring to yourself as a "heathen"...then had to explain to others (not just me) that you had used somewhat uncommon, unfamiliar definition of the term...and it seems that you're doing the same with the term "gratuitious". I wasn't implying that you thought the photograph, "Himba Woman" was vulgar...I was simply tryng to bring to your attention that ross didn't say that he was trying to avoid all nudes (including what you've described as gratuitious nudes)...he just said he was trying to avoid "vulgar nudes". I'm sure we could agree that there's a vast difference in the "Himba Woman" photograph...and a spread-shot from Hustler.
    In trying to help ross out with his problem, I suggested he go to the Critique Forum, set the category to All (no nudes)...and leave it there. I honestly sympathize with his problem and would like to think that I played some small part in the fact that this category is now available. You might recall that the inability to view photographs in the Critique Forum was problematic for many members. It was discussed often...and eventually Josh & friends came up with a solution. Pesonally, I'm not offended if a nude pops up on the screen. If I don't want to view it...I pass over it. But...I had friends at my home one evening, and the couple and their 8 year old daughterr wanted to see my pics on PN, as well as see some the work of other members. We were looking through the critique forum...and all of a sudden, without warning...there's a photo of a young, nude woman...with one set of toes pointed east, the other set west. It would have been uncomfortable enough with my friend's wife sitting there when this happened...but with their young daughter can imagine. Of course, I quickly navigated away from the picture...but you can't unring the bell. I doubt that the child was scarred for life...but not a situation you want to happen. I brought my complaint to the moderators...and within a relatively short period of time, the "All (no nudes) option was made available - problem solved.
    John, Obviously, your mother never taught yo the difference between insult and humor, so I guess it is up to the rest of us to do so.​
    Before I address that comment...let me say this. As to the comments I made that you found offensive: they were intended to humorously make a point. It's been discussed endlessly, here and in a zillion other forums, how that much can be lost in internet communication, or for that matter...any form of written communication. If you'd been sitting here with me when I made the comments, I think you'd have known that what I said was intended to be humorous...and nothing more. You would have heard the tone of the comment, and you would have seen me smiling as I spoke. But that wasn't the situation, and in reading my obviously thought I was being rude, and a smartass...which I 'm quite capable of being, but that wasn't the case here. At least one person misunderstood your use of the term, "heathen"...and thought you were called the rest of us heathens. If you'll read my comment, I was perplexed by it and asked you to explain what you meant...instead of assuming I understood, or assuming you were "name calling", as someone else did. So, here's a suggestion that might help both of us: in the future, I'll try to be more careful to say things in a manner that won't be misunderstood as being rude...and how about you consider not reading too much into someone's comments...assuming there's ill intent. Deal?
    On a final've made several personal comments about my intelligence, my judgment, my civility...and then you bring my mother into it. That's hardly good judgement, Alan. If you want to take the discussion to a personal level...drop me a note... or if you feel the to Josh. And,'s not your job to teach me anything, Alan. And, I truly do believe you need to lighten up. I don't feel as though it was by any means a reach, to see that my comments were intended to be just chose to ignore that fact. In my opinion, you're making much to do about nothing. If you feel compelled to say anything else to me...feel free to drop me a note. Otherwise...end of discussion.
  27. Sorry, I did not mean to get everyone fired up. I do not want my kids or wife to walk in with something like that on the screen. I will try the no nudes thing and see how it goes. Otherwise I can just not look at the photos as I have always done.. I prefer looking at B/W photos in Print form anyway. I have the new issue of LensWork at the house right now and I enjoy that type of thing a great deal. Yesterday morning I drove out to the Golden Gate Bridge with my F100 loaded with B/W and found some great trees in the Fog to shoot. The idea came from Lenswork. I also shot a roll of film of the bridge from the SF side. I did not cross over to the NRA side this time. I also learned a great lesson about camera straps on the adventure. Basicaly the loose end that is attached to the camera should be hanging out to the outside (not toward the inside). I brought the camera up to shoot a picture of a guy riding a Unicycle across the Golden Gate with an Arch in the background and the strap poked me in the eye and I missed the shot. I changed the strap when I got home. Anyway thanks for the tip on the No Nudes thing, I will give it a go.
  28. Well I browsed around for a while. The No Nudes thing seems to work. I did not see a category for film or even black and white which are really my area of interest so I do not see myself looking around in the galleries in the future. There are some nice photos in there however. Thanks again for the No Nudes tip.
  29. I did not see a category for film or even black and white​
    As they are currently set up, the galleries are based on subject matter and not technique or medium. Your best bet for that sort of thing is to use the tag search system. However, there is currently no way to filter those results for nudity.
  30. I use for inspiration and knowledge.
    I also share some of my snap shots here as well.
  31. I've never availed myself of any educational or training programs in photography, and I have not studied its history. My education in photography has been provided via PN. I "use" the site as a learning tool.
  32. Thanks for the information Josh.
  33. BTW, PN also provides opportunities for dialogue through its discussion forums. However, one ingredient, regardless of the category, that provides a disincentive is the occasional pissing contest, such as the one in this thread. We all should resolve to play nice in the sandbox or, if we choose not to do so, to have broad shoulders and thick skins.

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