HC-110 New formula (Brown spots inside the bottle)

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I had a question about the new (thinner, not the syrup) HC-110 formula. I bought one recently and when I store it for a few days, I start seeing some dark brown sports inside the bottle. Does anyone know if this is normal? Why is it forming these spots?

  2. If you use it and return it to the bottle, it's probably mold.
  3. Developers don't play nicely with metals. Did you get some specks of aluminium foil from a sealing cap drop inside the bottle?
  4. It would be easier to comment if you include a photo, and let us know if you have started using it, or if it is unopened.
  5. Sure, Attaching the photos here.
    No I am not returning it back to the bottle, I take it out using a plastic syringe and thats the only thing that touches the liquid.
    I have not dropped the aluminum foil, but I have left it on the bottle and only pealed it slightly so that my syringe can go inside.
    As soon as the liquid inside the bottle touches these brown spots, they dissolve and disappear.

    Sorry somehow images from Google drive are not getting inserted, so here are the links to the images:

    Image-3 (This is just the picture of which HC-110 I am using, the thinner liquid)
  6. Thanks for the photos.

    I am still using my old formular stash so I don't have first hand experience with the new one, but there seem to be an expectation that the new will not have the same longevity - although it may still be to early to say as it has only been on the market for what, 2-3 years?
    My current open bottle has been open and in use for 10 years - 8 years past expiry date and is quite dark but works perfectly.

    While the new formular is not water free like the old one, I would still expect the new one to behave in a similar manner compared to the old formular - maybe just accelerated?

    In any case, the brown color of the drops you show, looks like normal oxidation of HC110 and I wouldn't be concerned.

    Some hearsay: The unopened new formular HC110 I have standing is made in Germany. There was a post on another online forum that indicated that the very newest HC110 is now made in China and appears to have the old viscosity we know from the original product.
  7. Thanks for your reply and explanation.
    I guess I will have to wait and see how it goes :)
    Hope this does not become too bad of a problem.
    I will check about this new viscous formula too. Sounds like the viscous one has better longevity.
  8. My last bottle of HC110 I bought was the less viscous variety. No problems with it going bad, but it does seem to have darkened faster than the old formula. There is a lower priced alternative: Legacy Pro L110, which has same dilutions and times, but I haven't tried it yet. I read that it is not as viscous as original HC110. I decant my HC110 into smaller glass bottles that have a sealing lid. This helps slow down oxidation that would normally occur.
  9. So the brown spots are above the liquid surface and on the 'dry' bottle?
    Totally normal.
    The liquid has evaporated leaving dry developing agents to oxidise in the airspace inside the bottle.

    Incidentally, the less concentrated form of HC-110 was the standard in the UK and Europe. I understand the 'syrup' form was only available in the US, and would last for ages. Being in the UK, I was only able to get the more dilute version. I had a bottle that was years old before being opened. It was good for about 2 months after being opened, then quickly turned dark yellow, then brown and had to be discarded.

    So you might do well to divide that big bottle into smaller ones that can be tightly stoppered with no airspace.
  10. Cheapskate me purchased the Legacy Pro version mentioned by Mike G. After months it has turned brownish but seems to work just fine. Lots of stains and dried brown spots as well.
  11. Inside the bottle that is.

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