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  1. I just acquired a Gossen LunaPro F from keh (EX rating, if I remember correctly). I used a standard Duracell 9V battery. when I perform the battery check, the needle moves to what I think is the furthest position on the right. This is past the green "BATT" field where it is supposed to rest in per the manual. When I take a reflected reading, the needle moves to a position , say 'under,2' and holds. So far so good, but when I try and move the dial to move the needle to "null" position, the needle refuses to move. The needle corresponds to the green zero mark on the left of the scale so I have not tampered with the zero adjustment screw.
    Alkaline batteries may have higher or lower voltages than the rated 9 V depending on age and this might be causing the out of scale battery check reading. But if I understand the manual correctly, the needle is supposed to move with the dial. Is it a dud? Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Alkaline batteries work just fine in the Luna Pro F. As long as the needle moves to the green area when the battery check button is pushed you can trust the readings.
    What ASA do you have the meter set to?
    What is the mode selector set to?
    Do you have exposure compensation set to a value other than 0?
  3. See Butkus's site for a manual - http://www.butkus.org/chinon/flashes_meters/luna-pro_f/luna-pro_f-splash.htm
    If it helps, donate the $3 for the 'cause'.
  4. Charles,
    The meter is set to 400 ASA but I have tried it at various settings once I felt it was not working. The mode selector is set to "Ambient". The little red exposure correction flag is covered by the black tab. I take that this means there is no exposure compensation dialed in. The needle moves way past the green area to the very end of its range on the right.
    The needle seems to be totally uncoupled from the dial. Is the needle supposed to move with the dial after you take the reading?
    I did get the manual from the site when I purchased the meter. Very useful resource.
  5. Sounds as if it is in flash mode waiting for a flash of light - depress the small red button near the trigger button and see if that helps.
  6. OK, what happens when you slide the Spherical Diffuser over the sensor and try to take a reading?
    Point it at the light source with the diffuser in place, point it at the subject when the diffuser is to one side of the sensor.
    Manual sections 1e through 1.9. Turn the computer dial from one extreme to the other the needle should at least move.
    1/film speed for shutter speed @ f16 in bright sun, f8 open shade or their equivalent is close to what the meter should indicate in these lighting conditions.
  7. As stated, you may have it in flash mode, have you triggered a flash and see if the needle moved?
  8. Sorry, was at the office. just got back.
    Thered button was depressed. In the flash mode,the needle does move with the flash but does not come back to null when I move the dial to get the exposure.

    Too late to catch the sun but the meter exhibits the same behavior with the diffuser dome as it does without. Moving the computer dial has no effect whatsoever on the meter.
  9. Disconnect the battery, operate the battery check button/take a reading or two, reconnect the battery and try it again.
    If it does not work return it.
  10. Righto,

    Tried the recommended, no result. Back she goes.
  11. You do know KEH doesn't test their equipment, don't you? The rating is mainly cosmetic, AFAIK.
    I purchased a Canon 1ds2 about a year ago that was exc+, looks LN but with the err99 out of the box on arrival. I returned at their cost and they repaired at their expense. KEH repair dept. also recently replaced another 1d2 shutter that Canon won't touch "out of warranty" joke. I'm happy with keh, just saying I'm getting used to some back and forth shipping.
    Too bad the lunapro f didn't work for you. I've had mine since 1989. I like the simple operation.
  12. W T,
    I will send it back for an exchange. I chose the Luna Pro over a more modern meter because I like the analog operation. I did look over some of the Sekonics and the Gossen Digiflash 2 but didnt really care for the construction on the Sekonics and the feature set on the digiflash.

    The little ziplock baggie that KEH sent the flash in said that the unit had been tested. But that might just have been an elementary Batt check.
    Thanks all for your inputs!
  13. Probably too late (if you have returned it), but does changing the battery for another one have any effect? It doesn't really sound like the battery is giving too low a voltage, but I think alkaline batteries can vary in that manner over their lifetime (why the more constant silver oxide batteries seem to be preferred in regard to some battery sizes). Let us know if KEH can provide a reason, or a replacement and if that works better.
  14. If you haven't yet done your exchange, you might consider a Gossen Luna Lux instead This model looks much like a Luna Pro, but has three LED lights instead of a needle. IMO it combined the best of digital and analog meters–lack of a needle movement and an analog dial. I only bought mine (about 10 years ago) because I found it at an antique shop for a very low price, but it has proved to be my favorite meter.
  15. Arthur,

    I havent sent it back yet. Waiting for the roads to clear up following a dizzying ride on the Polar Vortex. I did try it with fresh batteries out of two new packs.
    Thank you for the suggestion. I shall explore this more.
  16. Robert, I too have the Luna pro digital and can vouch for its general accuracy and simplicity of use. I also have an earlier model a Gossen Polysix electronic that uses two LEDs or mini red lights to indicate correct exposure (incident or reflected). The dial is analogue, but its advantage is that it adjusts to three angles of reflected exposure metering and a choice of 10, 20 or 30 degree "spot" metering. It is older (CdS cell that responds a little more slowly) but also a good choice. If Suresh is interested and feels it is worth $70 (postage included to N.A.) I could photograph it and send a jpeg. I have two or three meters, which is why I would offer it for sale.
  17. Aurthur,

    Thank you for the tempting offer. Unfortunately, KEH is in the process of sending me another Luna Pro at the moment. I will get in touch with you if things do not work out for second time.
  18. While I haven't any ideas re: the meter's attitude problem, I will say there isn't anything finer (IMHO) than the Luna Pro F. I have numerous metering devices that I drag around with my LF stuff (some digital) but I feel absolutely "neked" if the old beat up Gossen isn't with me.
    They are addictive and created a dependence, regardless of whatever else you've got stashed in your bag.
    I bought mine new in the early 1980s and had to send it in for service once. It's worked wondermousely since its return and have bought 2 more off FleaBay, just in case. Other metering goodies include a Pentax Spot (analog), a digital Sekonic spot (L358), and a Luna Pro F Digital. I tend to trust the older technology before the damnable digital.
    Perhaps after another 40 years of comparative readings (I'm in my mid-sixties) will win me over to the new-fangled stuff but ...
  19. I also quite like the meter (though i know it as the Lunasix F). It is a good meter.<br>But in my experience, that "just in case" scenario is not just a remote possibility. I have worn out a few, all showing the same fault (some loose contact(s), erratic behaviour, in large part due, perhaps, to the way the two parts (top and bottom) connect electrically). The very similar Profisix shows the same.<br>I have digital meters (Mastersix) of about the same age (older, in fact, than one replacement i got for the Profisix) which has yet to show the first sign of a problem.<br>So i'm not that sure that old is better than new. ;-)

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