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  1. <p>Another recommendation for genuine Rollei Rolleinar close-up sets. They're very high quality and a used bay i size shouldn't be that costly.</p>
  2. <p>You WON'T draw the ire of many here. IMO a rangefinder is worthwhile and, despite the camera's age, likely to be perfectly usable. Unless you'll be mostly photographing subjects at infinity, the 105 (or so) mm lenses on 6 X 9 cameras have relatively narrow depths of field.</p> <p>FWIW I think a Super Ikonta C is likely to be more durable than a Bessa, but here I'm getting into quasi-religious grounds, like Fords vs. Chevys :-)</p>
  3. <p>IMO you should take the $200 and consider yourself VERY lucky, if it's not too close a friend :-)</p>
  4. <p>SORRY–I was so shocked by the image that I missed the explanation that it was an "exhibit at a regional WW2 museum". That, to me is VERY different from a re-inactment.</p>
  5. <p>I agree that it should not be forgotten. I think I can understand military re-inactors and have no problems with the Wehrmacht ones I see every year at a military encampment near the house I rent in southern Vermont, but I can't understand anyone choosing to impersonate an SS war criminal preparing victims for murder.</p>
  6. <p>Am I the only one who finds the first photograph offensive in the extreme?</p>
  7. <p>You're confusing the "T" coating designation used by Zeiss Jena and (I think) Zeiss Oberkochen in the '40s with the much later "T" designation used for multi-coating. By 1956 ALL Zeiss lenses were coated.</p>
  8. <p>The projector has been claimed, by a young guy (possibly < 30) from Queens, who participates on the APUG [Analog Photography Users' Group] site, shoots medium format film, and plans to use it. That makes me VERY happy!</p>
  9. <p>Fuji still makes 120 color reversal film; there are a few types on the B&H website. The last 2-1/4" slides I shot were on Agfacolor CT 50, in the late '60s.</p>
  10. <p>GoldE, 2-1/4 X 3-1/4 with 2-1/4 X 21/4 adaptor. It's in a carrying case with the manual slide carrier, 2-1/4 square adaptor, and 6 1/2" f4 lens. I'd guess the projector was made in the '50s, but it could be older<br /> The thing was given to me several years ago, but I'm never going to shoot MF chromes; I'm a B&W guy. It appears to be in very clean excellent condition. However, I have never plugged it in. I'm sure the thing is worth every penny I'm asking for it [free IS a very good price!]; perhaps a lot more to anyone who can use it. In any case, my wife wants it out and it looks much too good to go to a landfill.<br /> Pick-up only, in Brooklyn, NY (Prospect Lefferts Gardens, near Prospect Park). The projector is fairly heavy, and even in it's fitted carrying case, I doubt that it would survive shipping.</p> <p>If you're interested please answer here, or email me at: bmarvin[AT]plgarts[DOT]org</p> <p>Bob Marvin</p>
  11. <p>Google translates the German "Ohne Kupplung" as "without clutch" which, I imagine, in this context, means without a rangefinder cam. This is no matter for your rangefinder-less Ia, but how would you guess-focus a 180 mm lens, other than at infinity?</p>
  12. <p>I've had no problem using a standard cable release with my Medalist II. BTW, releasing the shutter with a cable release doesn't unlock the film advance. You must still push in the shutter release button before advancing the film.</p>
  13. <p>IIRC these Ricoh sub-mini cameras (at least those sold in the US) were ALL gold colored.</p>
  14. <p>I've never even seen a Semflex, or any French camera, but if it's anything like the Peugeöt car I owned in the '70s the parts are unlike any made in other countries :-)</p>
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