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  1. A friend sent me this link the other day and I thought I'd share it. Not the best photos in the world, by any means, but a clever and fun series, IMO. Way too many photos for most people, but you'll get the idea easily enough.

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  2. Thanks. Almost too good to be true.
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  3. I enjoyed those as well. Some matched better than others.
  4. 'Days watching' or contrived, it's a concept well conceived and executed :|
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  5. I find the first one the most effective. Not only the girl’s dress matches the colors, the hair matches the frame color, and even the braid resembles the pattern in the frame. I saw a similar museum series sometime back, but there were too many ads on that page.
  6. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Great fun - but being both cynical and suspicious, i do wonder how many had an element of posing involved.
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  7. Fantastic. Probably a few of the more tenuous resemblances could be removed to strengthen the set. But great stuff.
  8. I don't think they were posed, because I would have expected better placement and composition of some of the pictures if the photographer had control on the subjects in the scenes. On the other hand, if the photographer deliberately simulated the appearance of lucky snapshots, thats possible.
  9. I don't think they were posed either. Maybe I'm gullible but I believe the article and assume the curator would have done some research and might have a good sense of how the photographer worked. That being said, while I would view these differently had they been posed, I'd find each way, posed or candid, creative in its own right. It takes patience and a good eye to have made these candidly. It would take a creative sense of coordinating dress, hair style, etc. with paintings to pose all of these. As a photographer, I imagine it would be quite a bit of fun to come up with ideas for all the clothes and hairstyles to purposely create these. I also think it would be fun to wait for it all to happen.
  10. It seems entirely possible that visiting the Met, or wherever he was, on a busy day he would quite easily find all sorts of interesting similarities between the paintings and the public. He was clever enough to look and notice and select his shots accordingly. I don't think they are posed, but it is entirely possible that some of the public may have agreed to be better placed in the shot and to "make the connection".
  11. Posed or not, whatever, doesn't matter (to me). These have been around and around on f@c3 book, I click and smile each and every time. Fun stuff!
    Bur yes, some are better than others. All are fun.

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