Done business with Don Goldberg?

Discussion in 'Minox' started by mc2imaging, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. How many of you have done business with Don Goldberg (
    My dad sent his Minox III to Don for repair back in May. Most of his e-mails go unanswered. It took over 4 weeks just to get an acknowledgment of receipt for the camera from him.
    At this point, my dad has paid for the repair (weeks ago - and at a higher rate than the estimate) and figures he'll never see his III again. As highly recommended as Don was (not Was), I find this a little hard to believe. I understand that he could be quite busy, but a little communication would be nice.
    Is poor communication and 4 month plus turnaround par for the course?
    I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but unanswered e-mails create more doubt than benefit...
  2. SCL


    Send him another e-mail or call him. He is usually swamped, but has always given me great service.
  3. I have delt with him several times over the years both for repair and for parts. Have never had a problem with him so emails were never really exchanged. Turnaround on parts (shutter blades) was around a week and on repair about 3 weeks.
  4. Don is in the phone book and a pleasant fellow! Why not be personable and call him?
  5. Received the III today....
  6. I've send Minox's and Leicas to him for years. Turnaround time varies from almost instantly to prolonged.
    He seems to be one of those fellows who doesn't really check his email very often (unlike most of us who do so several times a day). He prefers phone calls which he handles personally.

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