d-76 second, third time, push

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  1. Hello

    I wonder if I need to increase development time in case I use d-76 second, third, time.
    And how many times I can use it?
    Depending on if it's stock or 1+1 ?

    Eventually, I am mostly doing push.
    From 400 to 1600.

    Then how longer should I keep every next two rolls that fit in my tank?

    thank you!
  2. For stock, the recommended capacity is one 135-36 or 120 (8x10 area) roll per 8oz or 250ml.

    For 1:1, it is half that.

    There are some recommendations for a 10% time increase for a second roll.

    If you are pushing, you probably should not do more than capacity.
  3. Why not download and read the datasheet for D-76, or the bit of paper that came with the pack of developer?

    "Eventually, I am mostly doing push.
    From 400 to 1600."

    - Ah, you mean underexposing by two stops and then over-developing?
  4. In addition to what I said above, capacity numbers are based on film area, and not on any
    specific type of film. Higher speed films have bigger grains, and maybe more of them, and so use up
    the developer faster.

    Tradition is not to consider that, but for best push results, don't stretch the developer.

    Now, for Tri-X Kodak recommends the same development time for EI800, so you might
    consider 1600 only one stop (more) push.

    In any case, not pushed you can probably stretch it to one more roll with 10% more time,
    for push, don't do that.
  5. so for push, how many times would you recommend to use the d-76 developer?
  6. I recommend for push not more than the rated capacity.

    One 135-36 roll or one 120 roll per 8oz/250ml of stock. Two 135-24 rolls isn't so much more than that.

    Since it is about 250ml for one 120 roll or two 135-24 rolls, you can do two of those with stock concentration.
    Increase by 10% for the second roll.
  7. I used d-76 three times today.
    Each time for two rolls.

    Took development time from massive dev chart, i. e. 9.25 (I assume it's 9 minutes 25 seconds, i. e. almost 9.5 minutes) for pushing to 1600.
    Then increased development time %10 for second, and another %10 for third time.
    Results look good. Will scan and see but already they seem good.

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