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Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by Sandy Vongries, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. Sandy Vongries

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    A variety of fine features have vanished, other things are "broken" with no explanation or apparent plan for repair. All of these factors have diminished the value and interest in membership. There has been no viable route to communicate with the site owners. I suggest the following as a course of action toward the goal of achieving communication and rehabilitating
    All members who are dissatisfied with current conditions should consider posting a brief message, directed to Ownership describing broken, missing, or dysfunctional features important to them that reduce the value of their subscription. They might consider doing the same regularly on whatever schedule makes sense to them until improvement is seen. At the same time, reducing participation could be another tool to gain attention, and hopefully return to full functionality.

    Should this initiative turn out to result in my removal, all the best moving forward to friends and foes alike.

    Sandy Vongries
  2. That would be too ironic and irony is dead. I don’t think it will and hope it does not happen.
  3. What is Ownership’s address?
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  4. Name Media has a physical address but no phone number or email.
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  5. Might turn out the address is one of the flooded basements in Queens!
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  6. WJT

    WJT Moderator

    I could be wrong but I don't believe that Namemedia is the owner any longer. I think it was picked-up by Creative Live. Here is an excerpt from Greenspun's blog: History: Speaker Notes
    Scroll down to the bottom Fall 2016.
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  7. I sent an email to Creative Live, got and got an answer back right away from Joe C. in support. He replied "I've confirmed it's not working on my profile either, so I've sent this to our engineers to look into". I won't hold my breath but these is a glimmer of hope.
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  8. Who did you send the email to?
  9., contact was Joe C. I don't know if he is the one who eventually fixed it but I hanging on to that email address.
  10. Thanks to the ones who did the lifting. Good on 'ya.
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  11. Thanks @Sandy Vongries and all the rest of the people that have worked to keep this site alive. It is a sad story of decline, unfortunately. There was a time when Photo.Net was one of two or three sites I visited multiple times each day, and when it was an active, sometimes tumultuous but always entertaining place to be. And, I learned a lot about photography from the many contributors here. Perhaps the time for these types of collaborative websites is past, but if so that's a sad statement.
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  12. My main regret was that they discontinued the forwarding email address. My hopes were that PN would have its own email server. Having on one's business card would be very useful, and by itself would be worth the cost of membership.

    Also, admins tend to be overzealous, confusing flamboyance with outrageousness, and we lost some of our best members thanks to the 'cleansing'. Yes, there were some blowhards, but so what? Ignore them and move on. The Leica forum was *the* place to be.

    I discovered PN in the late '90s (the best time to be alive!) and I was a member for most of that period. Back then, PN had a personality leading it, that being Phillip Greenspun. He was a real personality and I always enjoyed reading his posts and his blog, 'Travels With Samantha'. His inbox was, no doubt, packed to the brim at all times, but such is the price of fame!
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  13. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Please provide some examples of "overzealous administrators" in action - have a good memory of considerable forbearance.
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  14. John K., Gordon B., and Phil S. each contributed more to this site than their sometimes questionable behavior detracted. Their bannings were a disservice and made the site a poorer, if more “agreeable”, place. The price paid for censorship and pleasantry is often measured in less diversity, less passion, and less exposure to eccentric but significant ideas.

    I do agree that there are also instances of significant forebearance, present company included. :)
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  15. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Well, how about a time frame? I believe those weren't exactly recent. Don't think my fingerprints are on any of them, in any case, I was addressing Karim.
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  16. You addressed Karim in a public forum, so should anticipate that others may offer commentary. Karim didn’t specify a time frame and didn’t single you out as an overzealous moderator, and neither did I.
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  17. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    You are correct, the time frame is still relevant. "Is it is, or was?"
  18. It’s someone’s perception. That perception shouldn’t cause you to become defensive, especially if you have no reason to be which, currently, I don’t think you do. We’ve all changed since the past.
  19. I agree, Phil was a very prolific member here. He mentioned lots of ideas and references to works that most others would not touch on. Too bad, his posts towards the end had become agenda driven and attention seeking (a bizarre but noticeable transformation of his personality), but when he would talk about photography and art, there were great ideas in them. I got to learn about several photographers and their works, thanks to Phil and discussion by others including Sam and Julie as well. These discussions definitely affected my own photography for the good. Sadly, when he was banned, all of his posts were also completely wiped out, which is certainly a loss for PN.

    I wasn’t aware that Gordon was banned too, but I haven’t been a whole lot active online in a while.
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  20. I recall the Gus Lazzari incident in 2018 - A great resource with great contributions that provided unmeasurable value to the community.
    He was not banned but some of his posts were thoughtlessly deleted - he naturally refrained from offering his advice after that.
    He paid a visit not too long ago to offer his condolences when Erwin Putts died, so I still hope he will be back one day - but I don't think management offered him a deserved apology so the chances are likely slim.
    The owner of cannot afford to loose that kind of resource.

    This is not to point fingers at the amazing moderators who are working hard for free and apparently with no voiced appreciation from, or contact with the owners - that in itself is totally crazy.

    My point is, that if the owners doesn't take an active interest in the wellbeing of this (still wonderful) community it probably won't continue to be wonderful for that much longer.
    And as Sandy points out - with so many things broken and apparent indifference from the owners side, who would even want to sign up for a subscription?

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