Cracks and Bridges (symbols)

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    that's uncanny. i was just about to answer my own question by referring to Jeff Spirer's remarkable photo of the GG bridge that he shot in blue. if he's still tuned in…

    julie laments the lack of adjectives in this forum but i'm going to say your photo is special
  2. I take it the bridge in Fred's image symbolizes a roof over Andy's head.

    Or am I not getting the meaning of bridges as symbols?

  3. Always true, as you have demonstrated with your examples. Thank you for showing the negative side, the danger, of forced meaning.

    The segments of the poem(s) were the choice of the editors of The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images.
  4. That every part of the content of a picture must be fully understood and handled with care — and the difficulty of achieving that in a meaningful way — is why good art, as well as good poetry is so very hard to do.

    Here is Andy Goldsworthy talking about the making of his sculptures:

    ... it is a space that I am trying to understand. I am not just trying to understand a rock as if it has been delivered to my studio. I have to understand why it is there and the time it has spent there, the way it has effected that place. It is a window into processes that have gone on and around that rock, or leaf or stick. Those are the things I am trying to learn about. That is why I work with the materials in the place where they have come from — at their source. When I work with a leaf I am working with the sun and the rain and the growth of the tree, the space of the tree, the shadow of the tree. It is not just three inches of leaf; it is the growth and process that I am interested in.

    [ ... ]

    ... I have found and worked with red in many countries and talked of it as the earth's vein — a description confirmed by the realization that the earth and stone are red because of their iron content which is also why our blood is red.

    The beauty of the red is its connection to life — underwritten by fragility, pain and violence — words that I would have to use in describing beauty itself. This sense of life draws me to nature, but with it also comes an equally strong sense of death. I cannot walk for before seeing something dead and decaying. Uprooted trees, fallen rocks, landslides, flood damage ... A grip on beauty is necessary for me to feel and make sense of its underlying precariousness. So many of my sculptures are within a hair's breadth of failure. I often see works — a balanced column of rocks, stacked icicles — looking stronger with each piece that is added, but also know that each addition takes it closer to the edge of collapse. Some of my most memorable works have been made in this way, and some of my worst failures could have produced some great pieces. Beauty does not avoid difficulty but hovers dangerously above it — like walking on thin ice.​

    Here is just one of Goldsworthy's cracks (the cover of one of his books). Find a zillion more if you like, via Google Image.

    Here is a bridge by Goldsworthy.

    Poets handle every single word with extreme care. They leave them out as much as leave them in, because of all the meanings they are freighted with ... "looking stronger with each piece that is added, but also know that each addition takes it closer to the edge of collapse," ... "within a hair's breadth of failure." That is how good artists of all kinds work.
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    here's what dylan thomas said about people who quote poetry without ever listening to it

    they're wankers
  6. I think, adding color to a picture takes it within a hairs breath of failure. Many of my photos have been salvaged by converting to BW. Preserving colors in a photo requires paying attention to every detail with an added dimensionality. It's one of the hardest things I have encountered.
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    that doesn't explain how slap-dash artists make it or how artists become unfashionable or make use of political, social or cultural trends, does it?
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    nothing is word perfect

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