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  1. Hello, I am new to this group. I bought a G2 a month ago. Shot a roll but did not develop it. The camera now starts rewinding without any film in it, and when it is off. Nothing I do, other than taking the batteries out will stop it. They are new batteries too. Any suggestions??
  2. Not shutter lag, but focus drag a little on the G1. The G2 focuses much faster. The camera is listed as an autofocusing range finder. But why would it matter if its a point and shoot. It certainly uses an optical finder, not an EV. Its a fine film camera with great lenses.
  3. Here's a couple of pics taken with the G2 and 35mm:

  4. My Contax G and Zeiss Hologon 16mm F8 lens make a good combo
  5. contax  g  zeiss  holongon.JPG
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  6. Ahh, the elusive Hologon: closest Zeiss ever (unintentionally) came to Leica's "boutique insta-collectible" business model. Every 10 years or so throughout my lifetime, Zeiss found some excuse to re-introduce this lens on a very limited basis (so limited, you could whistle up a rope finding a dealer who could actually obtain it for you). Each time it was offered, it got the same reaction: test reports were blown way by the performance, four or five pros specializing in ultrawide jumped on it, and the larger photography market said "f/8? Price of a used late-model car? Only fits whatever doomed camera Zeiss is trying to hustle this year? Really? No thanks."

    So I'm always amused when someone on a forum actually turns up owning and using it: such a unicorn. Phenomenal lens, so much performance in such a tiny package. But the price has always been insane to start with, skyrocketing further when it fails to sell and the two dozen discontinued examples become playthings for Asian collectors. This last iteration for the G cameras was probably its swan song: the design precludes reflex viewing/flange distance (not practical for film/digital SLRs), and is useless with mirrorless (sits far too close to the image plane, conflicting with shutter, sensor glass and microlenses).
  7. I had a G2 set for about 12 or so years. I loved that system, it had its quirks but the images were stunning and I became very good at working around it's occasional eccentricities. I sold it for around half what I paid (new) back in around 2013 or 2014, and still (occasionally) miss it. I'm now thinking of a Leica Q2, which - apart from not having removable lenses - strikes me as the modern (digital) successor to the G2.

    Has anyone owned both the G2 and a Q2, and comment on any similarities or differences in the shooting experience? I've come to terms with the idea of a 'single lens' system (and working within those limitations) so - in my head - I'm wondering whether it will give me the same general experience that I got from G2+28/2.8 back in the day.....

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