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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by nathangardner, Nov 17, 2010.

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    Well it's a few minutes past midnight here in Indiana so let's get this week's POTW thread started. We had more posts last week than the previous but still failed to reach triple digits. ASHTON KUCHER IS BEATING US! So post your photos and tell all your friends to post theirs too. I saw a lot of great photos last week, let's keep 'em comin'. And if there's a story or motivation behind your photo, tell us about it. And if there's not, tell us the unmotivating story about how that particular scene made its way in front of your lens.
    The weather is starting to cool down and the days are getting shorter so it makes it harder to get out and photograph as much as I'd like, but I was out for a couple hours this week trying to find some woodpeckers when I saw this guy. He was a little shy at first, but warmed up to me after a few minutes and posed on a log for me while he ate a nut. Not my masterpiece, but if I get at least one shot a week that I'm not ashamed to post here, then it's a success.
  2. Southport, ME
  3. Spearhead

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  4. A good bottle of cabarnet, some comfortably old friends for company, and David Gilmour raging quietly in the background. I miss summer already, but the gentle Indian Summer and the indoor season has its merits as well. The board is handmade from scraps of very tight grain bubinga and some bird's eye left over from a gift to my elder brother. It occurred to me as I cleaned up afterward the board had never starred in a picture series all its own. Next time I'll use the studio flashes with a modeling light instead of winging it with the Speedlites. The shoot wasn't a complete waste, however.
  5. [​IMG]
    Mark, in the Tenderloin
  6. Just walking.
  7. Morning, Had the opportunity to take some pics at a dance school. My background is white but we improvised and got some of the white tutu. I like it alot. I have alot to learn with the studio kit but its coming along nicely.
  8. going away gettogether
  9. party time
  10. Getting ready for work
  11. The 72nd Festa das Flores was this past week in Joinville. It is indoors so I took my 85 1.8. I really like that lens. Here's one of the photos of an orchid.
  12. I have not too many pictures this week, the only time I took the camera out of its bag was to take pictures of horse jumping training for my friend. It was too dark and the operator was always making mistakes. This picture was no exception. But still I like it. (7D, 70-200/4L IS@200, ISO 6400, 1/60, f/4.0)
  13. Our fall is finally upon us with beautiful red, orange and yellow leaves everywhere. Just a simple composition of some leaves that were changing colors, lit nicely by a random sunbeam. Funny how amongst millions of leaves, some just seem to stand out more than others.
  14. I forgot to congratulate you last week, Nathan. Great job so far.
    Autumn colors reflecting in a pond.
  15. Every now and then I bring out my old FD 50mm f3.5 macro lens and the old auto bellows to play with as I don't have a dedicated macro lens for my EOS cameras. Even with the auto-bellows rail, I find it extremely painful to get the focus right. It may not be as sharp as the newer EF 100mm or the EF-S 60mm macro lens, but it does give me half-decent images. Then the biggest problem is finding an interesting enough subject matter. In this case, I choose these flowers from a cactus plant. The resultant magnification was around 1.3x, I believe. I did crop the image by about 60% beyond that. Canon 40D @1/4 sec, Canon 50mm f3.5 macro(at .4x & f16), el cheapo adapter(8mm), auto-bellows(37mm), flash on manual.
    Cactus Red
  16. I hope this is ok to post here. I was able to shoot a Boudoir Party last week. A group of friends got together for some food and wine and each had a small session with me. They wanted to get them done as gifts for their husbands for Christmas. Yes I do have the ok from this particular lady to use her images. :)
  17. it


    star ferry, hk
  18. From a promo shooting with friends/local DJs.
    f/8, 1/40, ISO 400
  19. No photos this past week, but here's one I've wanted to post for a couple of weeks now. I spotted this red-tail hawk sitting on the crossbar of a power pole as I was driving by. He was still there when I returned, so I pulled off the road to try to get a shot or two. As I was stopping, I looked out my passenger window to see him flying straight at me. He landed within a few feet of the car and waited as I got my camera out and walked around back to photograph him. He walked around the area for at least several minutes looking for something he apparently had spotted, while I shot away. This is one of many shots I got. Canon EOS 50D with EF 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 lens.
  20. A stolen kiss in the park.
    7D, Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8, iso 800
  21. Local family. Fall brings our Eagles back to Florida.
  22. Two of my kids in the Arnold Arboretum.
  23. 5D2, Contax Zeiss 50/1.4, about f2 at 1/13 sec., ISO 3200
  24. Messing around with the new to me Zenitar Fisheye. A surprisingly sharp copy too boot. Battleship NC using a 5D.
  25. Surf's up at Nubble Light
  26. Great photos already. This was taken over the weekend, messing around with gels and strobes.
  27. Some 7-year-old soccer action from this past Sunday. Beautiful fall day here on Long Island, NY.
  28. kts


    morning frost on an old tire in a field
  29. Is there no beauty in death? ... An aging oak fell victim in a recent fire.
  30. Some great photo's this week again, hopefully we will break the three digits!
    I didn't get out much this past week, and this is certainly not much of a keeper except for its historical value.
    In August 1900 a "Liquor Crazed Murderous Doctor" from Farley Missouri in Platte County had killed his Uncle & Mother-In-Law. Being pursued by the Platte County Sheriff who caught up with the Doctor here in front of the Farley Merchantile, the Doctor fatally shot the Sheriff, and in turn was killed by the Sheriff's son.
    This is still the original building, but its days are numbered having been closed for some time now, and not of high priority historical value.
  31. Canon 40D + 70-200 f/2.8 IS
  32. (Nathan: 1/20 sec. @ 400mm? IS is astounding!)
    My wife & I were out hiking last Saturday morning and these leaves were "glowing" in the dark forest trail we were on. The purple stem really added a ton to the image. I do not know what this plant is.
    7D, 16-35, ISO 400, f/3.5 on the Willis Evans Canyon Trail above Woodacre, Calif.
  33. Down to Pigeon Point last Saturday evening for the annual lighting of the fresnel lens, along with the rest of the photography lemmings. The weather was clear, still and balmy.. too clear for the light beams to show up really well. Another example of what we have to put up with in California.

    5D2, 16-35 f2.8L @ 17mm f3, 10 sec, ISO 400, a little Shadow & Highlight tool to bring up the light beams.
  34. (Rob Bernhard, that's a curious image! What/Where is it?)
    I didn't get out much this week. Organizing some old prints.
    5D2 50mm f/1.4 1/30@f/4.5 ISO1600
  35. I don't normally get up this early, but when I saw this sunrise from my bedroom window I knew I wanted to snap a picture.
  36. [​IMG] my links don't work..
  37. cjk


    Central Park, February 2010. The little beast was way up there but looking at me straight in the eyes (or the lens).
    EOS 7D, EF70-300mm/f4-5.6 IS USM @ 300mm, f/5.6, 1/500, ISO 400.
  38. Not this week, but from a recent visit to Niagara Falls.
  39. B Christopher,
    Thanks! It is a new-ish residential building in Chicago. I'm standing at the base along the sidewalk looking straight up. Balconies are receding and the object in the middle is a decorative light. The balconies themselves have a glass or plexiglass surround and the polarizing filter enhanced the reflections they pick up.
  40. Old Juniper, south of Rock Springs, WY.
  41. goose at Blackman's lake Snohomish WA
  42. Rob Bernhard, Ah! I see it now. Initially, I stared at it for quite sometime and still couldn't understand it. I could only see the image created in a horizontal view, not the vertical view that it is. But, that was only my brain's limitation and not the image, of course! It's satisfying to know what I am looking at, but it was fun not knowing too.
  43. [​IMG]
    The band Funktion performing at Bell's Brewery & Beer Garden, Downtown, Kalamazoo, MI.

    Camera: Canon EOS 50D
    Exposure: 0.005 sec (1/200)
    Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority
    Aperture: f/1.8
    Focal Length: 50 mm
    ISO Speed: 2000
    Exposure Bias: 0 EV
    Flash: Off, Did not fire
  44. I was crewing on a transit voyage down the Hudson River aboard the 1893 schooner Lettie G. Howard and I saw this building and its reflection in the wake.
  45. Took this portrait with a bounced flash (Demb Mega Flip-it! w/ Diffuser) on location -- unfamiliar and cluttered -- photojournalist style, i.e., with practically no staged posing, so had to perform major 'clean-up' operation in Photoshop to remove distracting objects. To compare with the original capture, please have a look at dressing up for Audrey Hepburn and scroll down a bit to see a picture inserted into the critique discussion. It must have been the most retouching I've ever done on a single photo, and I struggled with it at times, but it was a good learning experience!
  46. I'm loving the pics again this week, especially Tomek's incredibly elegant tribute.
    From my side found a group on flickr that uses the kit 18-55 with the 50 f/1.8 reversed as a pseudo macro lens. As I have both lenses, I decided to try. Had to fire up 2 flashes to try and light it, but hey, never seen such detail on my wristwatch before. I can see more experimentation is due.
  47. I was hoping someone would catch that Ken. 1/20 sec. @ 400mm. That's barely over 4 stops of effective IS. I was crouched down using my elbows and knees for stability and using the burst mode to my advantage; by the time the 2nd and 3rd frames shot the camera had steadied out. Great capture by the way. The luster of the green leaves contrasts beautifully with the purple stems and darker background. Well Done. I also love Mark's leaf shot. Great colors and composition. Lots of great photos here, I may comment on some others later, but I have to prepare for a trigonometry exam in about 2 hours. If only we were all so lucky.
  48. Wayne - that's very interesting. Could you please post up the link? I tried Googling but only came across the dpreview thread discussing it.
  49. Taken when getting a good bird shot was impossible.
  50. Pigeon Point Light, Lit last weekend.
  51. Here you go Kayam.
  52. Meerkat getting some sun.
  53. Pigeon Point... FTW from Jim S. and Steve H. Sweet shots.
    And yes, I love Tomek's "Audrey" and Rob B's flip-it what-is-it. Too cool.

    Dean -- that B&W music shot is also extremely cool, f/1.8 - perfect.
    Noise? ISO 2000? who cares?! Excellent.
  54. We had to bundle my little niece up because she insisted that she get some time on the swings (even though it was one of the windiest days of he month).
    Title : A girl and her swing
    Canon E0S50D with Contax Planar 50mm F1.7 @ F2.8
  55. Canon Thursday.......
  56. Terrific shots this week, folks!
    Some standouts to me...
    Michael Young - I like the chess set, probably because I'm a hobbyist woodworker.
    Karen Wiltshire - Great ballet shot! Nice pose.
    Praveen Kumar - I'll give your photo a nod just for using that setup. ;-)
    Kerri Albano - my wife won't allow me to make any comment. So I'm not.
    Ian - that looks like a painting. Huge depth of field.
    Mike Dixon - Dreamy!
    Rob Bernhard - Great perspective. Glad you explained it.
    Ken Papai - "(Nathan: 1/20 sec. @ 400mm? IS is astounding!)" I caught that too. I'm thinking Nathan is either made of carbon fiber or aluminum. And for your shot - our alpha waves (or something like that) must be in sync. The purple adds just the right touch. Nice shot!
    Tomek Gooseberry - I like the edits. Might not have noticed had you not mentioned them.
  57. 24mm f/2.8 on a 5D
  58. 5D EF 24-105 F4, 1/30
  59. My daughters in the Texas fall colors.
  60. A little fall color in California. Eos Xsi 18-55 1/100 f/11
  61. I think Rob definitely wins the award for the most unique and intriguing image this week. I thought it was a photoshop fabricated image of office cubicals along a sidewalk. Awesome shot and vision that forces you to think outside the box.
  62. Nathan Gardner, regarding Rob Bernhard's photo of building; the first thought that came to me was "Tron", then I saw IBM super computers on roof. It was fun to experience the progression of the image in my head.
  63. I wonder if the elves are listening to this. That photo of Rob's seems like a good candidate for the POW, it's definitely striking up quite a conversation.
  64. [​IMG]
    I shot Pacific University at Menlo College football. The Pacific QB set a school record for yards passing in a game and tied the school record with 5 TD tosses. Shot with an EOS Rebel xti
  65. This is the sunrise that greeted me on my birthday this week. Canon EOS Rebel T2i, 18-55m IS lens.
  66. The sunrise, again. EOS Rebel T2i, 18-55mm IS lens
  67. I took this shot a couple of Sundays ago as my weekend was dwindling down. I was playing with the high aperture and liked the effect the filter gave the image.
    5D MkII, 70-200mm 2.8L, Heliopan Circular Polarizer
    Focal Length - 200mm, ISO640, F32, 1/10 sec.
  68. I have started shooting for our local swim club, for which two of my children swim. This was one of our team in action.
  69. Great photographs everyone. My contribution this week is a photograph of my niece taken earlier this year. She was kind enough to be her natural self in front of the camera.
    40d, 85mm, f2.8, ISO 100, 1/50s
  70. This Wednesday kinda rolled gently into Thursday, and slipped into Friday, before I fully realised it. Anyway, here is something from Wedneday. There is a city wide London Jazz Festival happening all around town at the moment. This is pianist /composer Janette Mason at one of the gigs I managed to catch.
  71. Here is mine
  72. Day-after shot of groundbreaking for George W. Bush Presidential Center, Dallas, TX. Intersection of SMU (Southern Methodist University) Blvd. and Boedeker just about straight-ahead fo front entrance of 225,000 square foot structure due completion by February 2013. Cost $137 million, all from private funds.
  73. A week or so ago I shot this. I was out walking around the yard in the morning with the 100 2.8 IS macro and my 7D.
  74. Last week I was out playing with my new 70-200 f4 before the snow flew and happened along this fellow. Some great photos this week. I really enjoyed Rob Bernhard's catch - very interesting perspective.
  75. Gorgeous Richard!
  76. A fun fall pic from my first portrait shoot.
  77. Female Tree Swallow on top of a nest box.
  78. Canon 40D, ISO 3200, F/2, 1/50sec, 50mm, This is the Bass Player from The Dirty Jersey Band from tonight's shoot at a gig outside of Princeton, NJ. Really low light, great lens and camera, pushing the limits of the 40D using no flash. Very happy with results of this shoot.
  79. Man, you all are good! Day late and a dollar short.
  80. @Mark Kissel, when I saw your comment, I thought, I guess Mark doesn't like pretty little flowers. Then I looked at your gallery! Wow! While I didn't look at every image, those I did view looked simply wonderful! Composition, sharpness, detail, and color contrast in general are excellent (at least to my eye). You are certainly putting your L glass to good use. I can see why my photo just barely passes muster!
  81. Praveen, thanks for the kind words, my friend. And I think you misunderstood, or I just poorly stated it, but your flower shot was great! What I meant was anyone that goes to that much trouble deserves to get the good shot that you did! Nice work.
    There were lots of excellent images this time. So much so, it makes it harder and harder to find those that stand out. A few more that I should mention...
    James Dean - Like the swimmer shot. Caught just at the right moment.
    Indy Nandrajog - Great pose from your niece.
    Mike Stemberg - Your choice of b&w really works on this shot.
    Mark Keefer - Nice and clean for ISO 3200.
    And if I didn't mention you this time around...there's next week. Make me notice. Ken Papai, I'm not taking over your job, just giving you a break this week. ;-)
  82. Some of you admire Autumn foliage and we are in transition towards Winter. First cover of snow is present and that is what I am underlining with my photo. 5D, 70-200/2,8 II
  83. Here's one of the Sandhill Cranes at Jasper-Pulaski Wildlife Preserve in Central Indiana. I went a little late this year; had I gone a month earlier there would likely have been over 10,000 birds to photograph, as this is one of their main places to gather before the final push to migrate south for the winter, but I had to wait until I was able to replace my 100-400 lens, which I just did a couple of weeks ago. As it was there were only about 500-1000 birds so there wasn't the usual excitement and variety of formations to watch. Still, watching them fly at all is pretty amazing since they're such large birds and it's always a challenge to try to capture their grace in flight.
  84. I forgot to add that the camera used was my 7D and the aforementioned 100-400 lens.
  85. Mark, I had understood that you were patting my back for the effort. But I did get the feeling that perhaps the photo wasn't upto the standard. I had hesitated myself before posting it in this forum. But I had nothing else to submit! In any case, thanks for the appreciation.
  86. I think it was a great shot Praveen. I think what Mark was getting at was that even if you had shot a dog turd, you'd get a pat on the back for using the equipment you did, but you didn't shoot a dog turd, you shot a quite pleasant flower photo.

    Hi Nathan: one point: why does it have to be a competition? Can't we all live happily together in a permanent summer of love?
  88. Thanks Lupo.
    Robin, if we were in Ashton Kucher's arms, as the Nikons are, we would live in a permanent summer of love. But in all seriousness, it's not really a competition. Okay maybe a friendly competition, but nothing serious. I just thought it would give some playful motivation for Canon users to post their photos.
  89. I love these types of threads. I usually post in the no words (a lot), and I have noticed "Ashton Kutcher's" threads in the past and thought, why isn't there an CANON thread. Thanks for starting it and I can't wait to join in and follow it.
    I shot this a couple of weeks ago at a community center where elementry school kids were working on some crafts. And out of nowhere an orange showed up and I liked the idea but to me it was more or less a throw away shot. I'll post it here and make an attempt to have a nicer one for the coming Thursday (Thanksgiving).
    By the way, shot with EOS Rebel XT with a Sigma 17-35 f2.8.
    Tv 1/125, Av 3.2, ISO 800, Exposure -2/3.
  90. Mark, I had understood that you were patting my back for the effort. But I did get the feeling that perhaps the photo wasn't upto the standard. I had hesitated myself before posting it in this forum. But I had nothing else to submit! In any case, thanks for the appreciation.​
    Praveen, the greatest thing about the Canon Thursday thread is there is no standard! You can post anything you like. And as Nathan not quite so eloquently explained, your flower shot was great, made all the more special by the elaborate setup you used.
    So please, please, please don't think there's any standard here. (If there was, I wouldn't be able to post). Just pick something you like, and tell us why/what you were thinking when you took the photo. That's what I really enjoy...seeing interesting photos and hearing why the photographer shot them.

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