Canon Rapidly Discontinuing DSLR Lenses

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by Mark Keefer, Apr 1, 2021.

  1. Guess this was going to happen one day. Guess it could be worse.

  2. Rapidly would be IMO if they discontinued 20 lenses per year. Four lenses is like a tiny ripple in the water.
  3. And nothing "discontinued" is ever really gone in the days of eBay and all.

    I do buy new lenses directly sometimes, but the "pre-owned" (for expensive items) and the "used' (cheap ones) lenses remain in the marketplace and I've had good luck with them.

    On reflection, I realize that (side from dribbling a lens down a marble stairs and some Meyer Domiplans) even modern electronic lenses seem to last me pretty well. Sometimes, "protection filters" do actually "protect"
  4. Assuming its true, discontinuing the 70-200 IS F4L II is a shocker for 2 reasons. First it is a popular, relatively affordable core FF lens. Second it was introduced less than 3 years ago. Its predecessor, the Mk I, was possibly the best zoom lens I have ever used.
  5. They discontinued the popular 85 and 70-200 zoom because they want to sell the RF versions. Obviously they don't sell many of the others so they are gone too. Canon bailed on FD users and will bail on EF as quickly as they can. Covid has certainly been a contributing factor to the pace at which this will happem. It is bad enough, for them, that all their EF lenses can be used on RF bodies. They will feed the hype that the RF lenses are vastly superior to EF.
  6. This may also motivate some Canon DSLR owners to see the writing on the wall, and prepare, maybe think about selling off their DSLRs while they may have some resale value before the eventual drop of repair support. For myself owning a 5D MK IV, I would want a camera body that has the Pro features and the only Canon Mirrorless fitting that bill is the R5. I better start saving up now. Maybe there will be more Canon options coming, The R5 seems to be a significant price jump from new 5D line releases. The R6 is a nice camera but lacks a few pro features that I would miss.

    Still, our current DSLRs and lenses are great gear and even after they are no longer supported by Canon we will have options with third party and used. Sigma makes a great 85mm f/1.4 art, also a nice 70-200mm. But I have to consider if I ever plan to move to the R cameras, do I want to invest in any more DSLR lenses. Canon realizes this too.
  7. Currently I'm shooting with a 5D Mk IV for most of my heavy lifting. I also have an EOS R for second body and as a video camera when I need one. I'll probably be a hybrid mirrored/mirrorless user for years. I just love the feel of shutter/mirror when I use my Mk IV.
  8. No doubt their choices are based on sales. I've moved to the RF mount, but still use a couple of EF mount lenses via the adapter. FWIW, they're better on the R5 than they were on the DSLR since the focusing is spot on all the time.
  9. Though Nikon has so far not made similar announcements (on the contrary, there has been some talk about supporting DSLR and F-mount for a while longer), Nikon users are pretty much in the same boat. Reality may force Nikon to abandon their previous statements and plans and focus exclusively on mirrorless. Canon EF lenses can also be used quite readily on Sony mirrorless bodies (not sure about Nikon) - so Canon users have options when it comes camera selection. Adapting Nikon lenses to Sony (and others) is still in its infancy but may also become an option.

    Whether Sigma, Tamron, and Tokina (and others) will continue producing DSLR after manufacturers have discontinued them remains to be seen - it is rather doubtful though.
  10. Like Ken, I was startled and concerned that the 70-200 f/4 II is on the list, and for the same reasons. My generation 1 of that lens is among my most used lenses, and if it got trashed, I would have planned to by the II.

    Like several others on this thread, I shoot primarily with a 5D IV, and I love it. I upgraded from a 5D III during last June's sale on the Mark IVs. the net cost of the upgrade (net of selling the III) was 1/3 of what it would have cost to upgrade to the R5. Since I don't do video and actually prefer a sensor in the 30 MPX range, it didn't seem worth the extra. Maybe I was shortsighted...
  11. I see the 40mm f/2.8 is no longer available at B&H. Glad I have mine. It is such a good lense.
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  12. I'm glad I bought that lens also, after having returned a faulty one. What a bargain!
  13. Agreed, these are inexpensive little gems. There may be a few out there at other camera shops. I highly recommend getting one for anyone who doesn't own one yet while there is still a chance. I'm not sure if there is a third party pancake equivalent with as good of an IQ. The pancake aspect is nice too. Makes the camera size little more than a body and lens cap. And Canon isn't making any more for DSLRs.
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