Can a documentary photographer attain the status of "artist"? The case of George Tice.

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  1. Robert Frank in my book. Steve McCurry probably to many others (at least until recently;)
  2. Phil beat me to the punch regarding Salgado.
  3. Some I think would fit the bill: Alec Soth, Elliott Erwitt, Diane Arbus, Martin Parr, Trent Parke
    Some I particularly like that could fit the bill: Eugene Richards, Antoine d'Agata, Daido Moriyama, Jacob Aue Sobol, Mary Ellen Mark
  4. Line Martel, Brad Evans....
    Methinks the old timers would agree.
  5. "PhSure. Other examples are Atget, Walker Evans, W. Eugene Smith, Salgado"....
    the list goes on and on to the Infinite of time. Same old stories, about the same old folk, to the end of time...
    Look at other photographers and ask a question....what is working, today, for you.
  6. "There are thousands of photographers that we can name I guess, including ourselves. The reason to name and rename and revisit all the classics and use them as a sample is because they often represent the best of what has been done" Phil.
    Has been done.
    Is being done could also be equally or more interesting.
    Surely, folks might be getting slightly bored, with the same old names and stories. Don't you think....or, should we be like a little mouse, treading the same little wheel, in same little cage, to the end of time....
    Just a thought, Phil.
  7. ... treading the same little wheel, in same little cage, to the end of time....​
    Sounds like an old film camera!
  8. Diane Arbus.. Stephen Shore, Many of the Magnum photographers, Dagata, Pinkhassov. etc

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