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Can a documentary photographer attain the status of "artist"? The case of George Tice.

Landrum Kelly

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<p>Can a documentary photographer attain the status of "artist"? The case of George Tice.</p>

<p><a href="http://susanspiritusgallery.com/artist/george-tice/platinumpalladium/petits-mobil-station-cherry-hill-nj-2/">http://susanspiritusgallery.com/artist/george-tice/platinumpalladium/petits-mobil-station-cherry-hill-nj-2/</a></p>

<p>Others might want to offer other possible candidates for "artists" among those known primarily for documentary work.</p>



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<p>"PhSure. Other examples are Atget, Walker Evans, W. Eugene Smith, Salgado"....</p>

<p>the list goes on and on to the Infinite of time. Same old stories, about the same old folk, to the end of time...</p>

<p>Look at other photographers and ask a question....what is working, today, for you.</p>

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<p>"There are thousands of photographers that we can name I guess, including ourselves. The reason to name and rename and revisit all the classics and use them as a sample is because they often represent the best of what has been done" Phil.</p>

<p>Has been done.</p>

<p>Is being done could also be equally or more interesting. </p>

<p>Surely, folks might be getting slightly bored, with the same old names and stories. Don't you think....or, should we be like a little mouse, treading the same little wheel, in same little cage, to the end of time....</p>

<p>Just a thought, Phil.</p>

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