Bird ID?

Discussion in 'Nature' started by billjboyd, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Can anyone identify this bird. Photo taken in Austin, Texas,
  2. I did some browsing and would suspect it is a Blue-headed Vireo.
  3. John,
    thanks for your input. Much appreciated.
  4. I'm going to vote for female Myrtle warbler (yellow rumped) in winter plumage. The vireo shouldn't have the spots on the
  5. This is a winter plumaged yellow-rumped warbler.
  6. John and Edwin...
    Many thanks. I have looked in my bird book and the choices I came up with were the Vireo and/or the Warbler. I can ask the serious birders in my neighborhood. Again, thanks for your input.
  7. Earl...
    Many thanks, I think you are correct.
  8. I once heard this bird referred to by the undignified term "butter butt". Bill, that's a nice shot.
  9. Yellow-rumped Warbler. This is an eastern bird "Myrtle Warbler". Western birds are often referred to as
    Audubon's Warbler. Same species but the western one has a yellow throat. I suspect most in Austin would
    be the Eastern race, but I don't have the experience of birding in Texas to know how common or
    uncommon the Western race would be.
  10. If this is the warbler, shouldn't it have a yellow cap. Even in the winter, I'd expect at least a faded cap.
  11. Not necessarily. Search for fall/winter plumage female Myrtle warbler.
  12. Nice shot. How did you get that close (even with a long lens, you couldn't have been too far away). A little fill flash?
  13. Craig...
    Thanks for your comment. This bird flew from a tree to a small pond directly in front of me. He was probably about 20-feet away. I had a Nikon 80-400mm lens on my D750. Discovered that the Yellow-Rumped Warbler is pretty common in central Texas.
  14. I submitted the picture to the Cornell Merlin Bird ID app (
    and it identified it as: Yellow-rumped Warbler (Winter/juvenile Audubon's)
    So some of you are in good company!
  15. The yellow cap can be quite small and difficult to spot unless you can see the top of it's head. I have taken quite a few pics of these warblers but only managed to see the yellow cap in this one.
  16. Nick, the Merlin Bird ID app isn't perfect. This is clearly the Myrtle sub-species. The Audubon's has a yellow throat. There are also integrades or hybrids which show some yellow on the throat but have some white as well.

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