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  1. Tack sharp heron and I love the mood created by the background elements. Great image.
  2. Short-eared Owl, Buena Vista Grasslands, WI
  3. Rod Sorensen

    Flower App

    This seems like it might be one of those notable mistakes Edwin is referencing.
  4. Gary, Great textures, colors and composition on the tree trunk.
  5. Not to mention, aphids! A veritable explosion of colors.
  6. D500, 200-400/4 at 200, 1/320, f11, ISO 1000. I was hoping for birds.
  7. Accumulation of several foggy/frosty mornings and still cloudy days in Central WI.
  8. I guess there are more people that DON’T share my sentiment. For me the photography and the learning go together. And I was thinking it would be something people could do voluntarily if they knew the species or wanted to learn it before posting. Some already do it. But I understand this is a photography forum and appreciate the reasons suggested for not doing this.
  9. I would really like to know the species when pictures of wildlife, particularly birds, are posted. I'm thinking there may be others that share my sentiment. Happy holidays, all.
  10. GHO & owlet in a wooded area near my WI home. Way up high, so an odd perspective with some foreground clutter.
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