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  1. My current monitor a Dell Ultrasharp 2411, may need replacement in the near future; it is running warm for no apparent reason. Checking the Dell site, Ultrasharp monitors are in short supply.

    One monitor I am considering is the BenQ SW270C. I am looking for a monitor that is reliable, has a reasonable lifespan (my Dell was purchased in 2010), is appropriate for use with Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as for use with general PC operations - Word, Excel, Web use, etc. I am an amateur photographer, not a professional. I take and post process images for my own use, not as a business.

    Has anyone used the BenQ SW270C for any length of time? What are your impressions? Would it meet my need and requirements?
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  3. Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for your reply.

    First, the monitor the posts were talking about is the SW2700PT, a very different beast than the SW 270. TheSW2700PT is a much older monitor and has three different Firmware version depending upon when it was built. It has known problems.

    Second, they are talking about old versions of the calibration software. They were using versions 1.3.2 and a Spyder 4 device. The latest version of the software is version 1.3.16 with 1.3.15 being the proven, stable release. If I do decide to purchase the device (if my Dell dies that is), I will use 1.3.15 and a Spyder 5.

    Last, in the second link, they solved the problem even with old software.

    You may be interested in this YouTube Video:
    LINK Palette Master Element 1.3.16, should you update, what you need to know & best calibration settings! - YouTube

    I am a bit concerned about going to a 2K monitor especially for general computer work. The characters on the screen will be smaller and my eyes are 79-years old. Have you worked with a 2K monitor? If so, how did you find the printing on the screen?

    Once again, thank you for the reply and the research.
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    Not a fan of these high rez displays (I have a Retina display on my MacBook Pro) because indeed, everything is super tiny. And I'm much younger <g>.
    I set my Retina to a much lower resolution but 95% of the time, it is hooked up to an NEC SpectraView PS271Q at 2560x1440.
    And it is a superb wide gamut, color reference display system.
  5. My understanding is that BenQs are good monitors as they are wide gamut (assuming the 270C is wide gamut) and a step up from Dell UltrSharps etc, but not in the same bracket as Eizo's, If I was flush with cash I would get one. Eizos and their ilk are too pricey for me.
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  6. If you understand French:
    Tests d'écrans photo et vidéos par Arnaud Frich

    The guy is an independant photographer and critic. He is a reference in France. I had him twice on the phone before buying my EIZO.

    Very nice and highly competent gentleman (I live in Belgium and so he doesn't make any money on me but was very helpful).
  7. 11 hundred Euros for the screen itself is excusable. But 156 Euros for something that could be replaced (funged) with a sheet of black card?

    If that's a necessity, then something really ougth to be done about the surface texture of the screen. Or the room lighting/painting.
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  8. the room light/painting, yes!
    Better pay 156€, and it is all done very fast and very secure:)
  9. 156€ for a black large piece of plastic is an abuse, yes, but it looks very nice and is very efficient. You prefer to paint your whole room? Not me.
  10. the screen is QHD, 3840 x 2160 pixels.
    My old Eizo looks perfect to me, but once you see this, you never go back....
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