B&W Reversal Success!

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by debeng, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. Do you actually re-expose twice? After 1st. development and after bleach clearing?
  2. I did this many years ago . . . around 1990 . . . We used the Kodak TMax reversal kit . . . This included a chemical second exposure. I believe that the first and second developers were the same. The second development is to completion so I don't think that the developer matters much. The resulting slides were beautiful when projected. In fact, they were much better looking that the prints that I produced from the same sessions.
  3. After the first developer stop bath you can take the film out into light for the rest of the process, it doesn't matter. I suppose it's better practice to re-expose after the bleaching. All it does is exposes all the undeveloped silver to light for the second developer, so it shouldn't worry it if you take it out before the bleach. It's just important to get a good re exposure before the second developer. It's actually quite interesting to watch so I take it out after the first developer stop bath and watch it the rest of the way in a clear container. If you dont re-expose the film enough you'll get big white spots on the photos.

    That's another thing i've been wanting to do, is find a cheap chemical to fog the film so you don't have to take it out and re-expose it. I hope to project some of the slides but I need to get some sodium thiosulphate to include in the first developer to make it a little clearer. I wonder if I can just use some rapid fixer with the first developer? I might try that with a roll of HP5+ since it isn't that clear without it!

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