Anyone use the Hassy Superwide - the old one?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by vick_ko, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Anyone use the Hassy Superwide - the old one?

    This was the model before the SWC, with the separate shutter cocking from the body cocking.

    Does the old Biogon have a nice look for image drawing?
    Tell me about the handling and usage of the old Superwide. Is it like using a folder - separate film wind and shutter cocking?
    I suspect they need maintenance by now, is that true?

  2. You are asking to retrieve memories that goes thousands of six-packs ago. I used both the SWC with its 38mm lens and the 40mm distagon on the 500c body. I liked both, but probably used the 40mm more, simply because it did not mean carrying an extra body at times. I truly loved both. I have always had a bias for wide lenses -- to be honest, so I may not be the best source of information. Plus, those are memories from the '70s!
  3. I looked it up, the knob on the body advances the film, the lever on the lens cocks the shutter. Just that simple.....
  4. This is one I use. I also have a later model 903swc. The later model is easier to use but I don't see much difference in image quality between the two.
  5. I have the M model......the older ones are so nice looking.
    I love mine.....
  6. I did replace the winding knob with the rapid wind crank on all of my bodies. The one in the picture here has the level attached to the viewfinder.
  7. The level is on the top of the camera . The appendedge on the side of the viewfinder is a right angle prism that lets you see the level from behind the camera.
  8. Can someone tell me how the front shutter release on the old superwide compares with the top release on the SWC? Thanks, Mark
  9. I have my original SWC which I bought new in 1960, started using it professionally when I opened my first Studio in 1966 London England, along with every other Hasselblad body that they made.
    Don’t use it professionally anymore, in the advent of digital media. David Odess did the last service to my SWC and after 50+ years the darn thing just keeps working.
    As far as the shutter on my SWC, I’ve heard a few people comment that they are a little stiff and don’t have that silky smooth touch, none of them do’ its part of the internal design, and mine’......I find just seems to get better.
  10. I understand that parts for the older one are now unavailable.

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