And you thought YOU'D got it bad!

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  1. I knew what this was about without reading it!
  2. Like Topsy, it's not so much a "collection" as it "I spect I grow'd."

    Still, Gene M., of fond memory, (Found Films [BTW, not secure]) did wonders with such things.
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  3. I did a google search to see if I could find Some photos he took with those cameras. Couldn’t find a one. Bummer.
  4. SCL


    Yeah, Gene was one of a kind, helping out people who discovered long past undeveloped films in their cameras, and printing the results here. His wry commentary was a riot. I lost track of him several years ago.
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    The pictures remind me of Central Camera in Chicago before it was burned down in the recent riots.
  6. If I ever get to deliberately collect even one Instamatic, Lubitel or box Brownie, I'll know it's time to get therapy!
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  7. I think they will all become valuable or at least of interest but it will take another 100 years.
  8. I have an Instamatic 100 and need to get an Instamatic 25. Important cameras to me.
  9. I don’t know Joe, I have three of the X Instamatics, the X-15 was my first camera as a kid. I picked up a few earlier Instamatics as well and a few even earlier than that. Then there’s those damn Nikons......:D

    Rick H.

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