Agfa APX 100 "New emulsion"

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  1. Hello,
    There has been quite a lot of talking recently about this new film, new emulsion, but almost no example.
    So i bought some rolls to test.
    I developed it exactly as i develop "old" agfa apx 100.
    E.I. 125, Rodinal 1:100, 20°, 20 minutes. 10 inversions the first 30 sec, then one inversion every 30 sec.
    Here are the results
    For me is a good film, nice tones, nice latitude, nice grain. It's pretty cheap, at least here in Europe.
  2. Thank you for the examples.
    Do you have any pictures of people, informal portraits if possible?
  3. You're welcome
    I have some street pictures of people, I'll upload in the next days.
  4. Lots of conflicting info about the actual source/manufacturer of the current version of APX 100, but most info indicates it's not the same film we knew as APX 100 a decade ago. It was among my favorite films, especially in Neofin Blue.
  5. Nice images. I hope to find out more about this film.
  6. Most of the pictures you show are taken in overcast lighting, maybe one (#4) under hazy sun. Nothing wrong with these, to the contrary. But it would be instructive to see some pictures of a scene with a large dynamic range, like sunlit and open shadow in the same scene.
    On a low DR scene, all films look similar; high DR will show (or not) the slightly downswept curve of APX100.
  7. The weather hasn't been very nice recently. Here are some more shots involving sunlit cityscape and people.
    Hope it helps.
  8. Another one
  9. Last one:
  10. Here are some more shots involving sunlit cityscape and people.​
    Thank you! A little too much "compensation" (compression of high values) for my taste; looks like sun is shining through haze. But maybe that is more the result of 1+100 dilution than the intrinsic character of the emulsion.
  11. I try to remember that there was also a "new" APX100 almost a decade ago, before the current "new emulsion".
    Agree with Lex, APX100 (and specially APX400) was one of my favorites. Agfa have produced some of the finest films and papers.
  12. Looks pretty nice to me. Highlights do seem compressed but its hard to say whether that is a result of the scan or developing technique. Either way that's not necessarily a bad thing since flat negatives often make for nice prints and its a lot easier to work with a flat negative as opposed to a contrasty one.
  13. I thought it would be interesting to compare to the old APX 100. This shot was done at an EI of 64 and developed in Rodinal 1+100 for 17 min using standard agitation (68 deg F) I really liked the tonality of that film.
  14. Here is one of my old ones (neg scan)
  15. @ Daniel Lawton. Indeed, the photo you show is a good example where the moderate compression of APX-100 works nicely to tame a relatively small region of highlights in an otherwise darker scene. Below one example with some APX-100 bought ~5 years ago (not sure it's the "real" APX-100). Rodinal/Adonal 1+50.
  16. Both Nice shots.
    The last pictures I attached were
    developed in Rodinal 1:50 for 11min.
    Still too little information about this new
    film, I used old apx times as a starting
    point, there is still room for fine tuning.
    In fact it was not a real sunny day, kind
    of hazy.
    Anyway it seems to me a pretty good
    film, whether or not similiar to "old" apx emulsion.

    Thanks for the comments

  17. If you allow me, I'd like to contribute to this thread with two examples of photos taken on the current APX. As it has been mentioned, it's an inexpensive film i n Europe, yet yielding very satisfactory and, what's equally important, consistent results:
  18. And another one, cropped to square proportions (I don't have a 2 1/4 sq. camera):
  19. @ Tomasz Klimkiewicz
    Your two images are more like my idea of the rendering of a sunlit scene. No excessive compression of high values, that would give the impression of sun shining through haze or smog. The light "sings" properly.
    Actually good news for me, since I stocked up ~40 rolls of APX in my fridge. I also got good results with the new Adox film: Silvermax, but would need to do proper A/B comparisons (same scene, same time, two emulsions).
  20. Just for comparison, one more photo, this time of a scene shot under complete overcast conditions, the film exposed at E.I. 200 and the development time in FX-37 extended accordingly.
  21. Tomasz:
    That second shot you took of the pipes looks great. The contrast range of the negative looks near perfect to me and should allow for a very nice print. I would definitely say this film has potential.
  22. Thank you all for the replies and
    A lot of talking about this new film (dx
    codes, production etc...), with these
    examples we can say it's a very good
    Maybe my pictures didn't show the
    potential, taken during cloudy days. But
    it's definitely a film with good, if not very
    good potential.

  23. So, what's this film like in comparisen to say, Delta 100? Pan F Plus? Grainier? Contrastier? Sharper? Anything else.....?

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