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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by frigo, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. I have just opened up to a banner-free home page and have full use of the site for the first time since I started this thread on Sept 21.Hope this irons out for all to enjoy as intended.Thanks Glen!
  2. No, make that hourly!!! I just got that idiotic overlay again and had to log in again (even though I was still logged in). If I didn't think that some testing seems to be going on, I'd start getting rather concerned that this is a phishing attempt. Can't you test without having to bother people?

    No they shouldn't - but they are. In my case, twice within the hour. And counting, I suppose :mad:

    I have already defied your overlay in a different browser where I can browse the site without being logged it. I haven't done so on my main browser, where I am logged in as a subscriber - just to see how bad this is going to be. In essence, running an adblocker as a non-subscriber gives a better experience than being a subscriber. And no, I won't whitelist the site so I can be bothered by the ads when using the forum.

    Those "top-tier programmers" are hard to come by, I suppose:D

    Make that Nov. 21 - it's not been that long but sure feels like it
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  3. Alright, Glenn and all of the other top tier programmers-you have now been whitelisted for what WILL be my last visit to this site.





    Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 2.43.15 PM.png
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  4. And an hour later, the same overlay again. Now I have, temporarily, whitelisted the site (not that it matters as I still don't see the ads wants me so desperately to see and ignore). If that overlay now shows up one more time, I will permanently remove it to be able to enjoy what's left of

    Does anyone really believe that this war against adblocking can be won? When, as was pointed out a few times, those who write these blockers already put some extortion scheme into operation? And made sure that their software can block whatever some site dishes out to circumvent it - if the person running the adblocker so desires?

    Why do subscribers get to enjoy an ad-free portfolio but not ad-free fora? I hardly ever use the photo section of but almost exclusively use the forum section. Yet despite spending a quite substantial sum, I still have to endure seeing ads there. Given that I hardly ever see more than 50 people logged in and would be surprised if the total number of fora user exceeds 1,000 (many of whom are subscribers), I wonder how much ad revenue the forum section really creates.
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  5. Since I'm going to be petty about this and also detest having scripts run on my computer by other companies(yes, Java ads are exactly that)-I'm back as I am now running an ad-free experience with Pnet white-listed in Ad-block Plus.

    I will again promise that if the problems I'm experienced are fixed, I will renew my subscription without question or delay. Until then, I refuse to give money to a company that's only offering vague promises of "we need your money so that we can fix things." It works the other way around in my book.

    Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 6.52.02 PM.png
  6. Dieter...a misprint,but it did feel that long!
  7. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    ben - when did I say what you quoted above? When you quote someone it should be exact - not your interpretation. Forbes and other major publishers are fighting back against ad blockers (see here) is one example and there are many examples. We aren't alone in this problem of ad blockers and we won't be held hostage by adblocking companies - especially when we are not serving network ads. You will start seeing this more across publishers that rely on advertising revenue to survive and keep the sites going. All we are doing is simply ask you to whitelist us to receive ads from sponsors that fund the operations of the site - again there are no network ads and all are relevant to photography. If you choose to become a subscriber and you are logged in - you will be supporting the site and you can block the ads if you so choose.
  8. Glen,

    You're grasping at the straws and repeating the same things over and over.

    You told me that you need either ad revenue or subscriber revenue to be able to hire any programmers-perhaps I am misinterpreting it but I also did not cite you as the originator. That has simply been a recurring theme of everything that you've been saying over the last few days.

    And, again, we're talking in circles. You and the folks to whom you report have drawn your line in the sand, and I've drawn mine.

    So, once again, WHY CAN'T YOU FIX THE WEBSITE? It's been 6 months, and as I've said countless times this site is not running exotic software.

    I've identified specific problems and if I even get an acknowledgement of them all I get is a dismissal or at best an un-necessary work-around. Why should I pay money to a for profit company that can't get the basics of their site operating correctly? You all have received money from me in the past-you're not getting any more.

    Frankly, this most recent move seems to be doing nothing but pissing off some of the user base. As I told you, users are the lifeblood of this site-if you don't have contributors you might as well shut the doors regardless of how much revenue your ads bring in.

    And, again, is it unreasonable for me to ask for a fully functional site before I pay(again) for a subscription?

    BTW, there are sites that operate without ad revenue or paid subscriptions.

    Large Format Photography Forum

    WORLDWIDE Chapter 149 Message Board :: Index

    Vintage Watch Forums - Index page :: Index
  9. Well, at least for now things are working with ad-block turned on.

    Thank you to whoever made this change(I hope it's not a glitch).

    And, again, I'll make the promise I've made a dozen times-fix the problems I've identified and I'll pay up.
  10. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    I'm sorry to hear Ben is having so much trouble.

    Since I don't post photos here, my needs are pretty simple. The site is working okay for me with the way I have things set up. I dare not change any settings, turn the ad blocker on, etc. I'm sitting tight, hoping it continues as is for me.
  11. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    All due respect to those sites which I am sure are super fine - they appear to be hobby sites using out of the box software and free hosting. There is nothing custom about them - no galleries - pure forums out of the box - and (for better or worse) is also photo site that requires high end expensive AWS hosting along with a CDN and many other bells a whistles too long to mention here. We have a DevOps person to address site maintenance (because addition and subtraction of photos requires a database), a PHP developer - to bring new features to fruition, a person in charge of Wordpress and Xenforo - to maintain and fix as needed, myself and a few writers we contract plus a few marketing support people. All of which draw a salary of some sort - without us the site doesn't run because the AWS bill doesn't get paid, the site doesn't stay up and new features we all want don't get built and the photo centric advertisers don't get to support the site. If all you see is a forum site, then you haven't been to the other part of our site which allows us to hold true to a site called - - which accounts for 65% of our traffic. We will fix the issues you are having and I hope you return.
  12. 35% is not exactly an insignificant amount of traffic for the fora here.

    I do visit the galleries-truthfully on a nearly daily basis. I have favorite photographers across several categories and I love looking at their recent work.

    None the less, to me the forum is the lifeblood of this site and it use to be the best around.

    Thank you for finally paying attention to my problems(I hope it's not an empty platitude). Since I can still enjoy the site ad-free I will continue browsing here and again you have my promise that when things are fixed-heck the three specific things I listed earlier in this thread(I'll move the goal posts again to make it easier for you all) you have another subscription out of me.

    Until you make the site actually functional, though, can you please consider not making it unuseable for most ad-block users?
  13. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    its not unusable for adblockers - all you need to do is whitelist and you are in
  14. Don't understand why now I'm getting the same Ad Blocker banner when I still have a Premium Membership. It started about several hours ago.

    I take it this is not suppose to be happening and a fix will be in for PM subscribed members. My subscription ends in 7 days, but my Ad Blocker has always been on since I was a paying member.

    Glenn, you seem to be saying that PM members should still white list PN just to let ads regarding photography to show up. I don't have any problem with static ads but video or any animated GIF type ads slows PN browsing experience for me.

    After I re-up with another paid subscription am I going to have to white list PN? IOW is Premium Membership now runs ads (photography related) as opposed to when it stated "No Ads" as a feature of PM?
  15. That does not seem to be working - with an adblocker active, I get the overlay/banner warning about every hour or so.
    No, he is saying that as a paying member you are free to block the ads in the fora.
    It says ad-free for the portfolio etc but not for the forum. Makes no sense to me at all - especially if the majority of use is on the photo section of PN and not the fora.
  16. Ads are suppose to be running in the forum section with a Premium Membership?

    Uh-Oh! Chongo! I've not been getting any ads anywhere since I've been a paying member. I assumed when they said PM members get "ad free" several administrators back that meant a PN generated ad block was happening and so it was pointless to turn mine off.

    I agree it doesn't make sense from a marketing standpoint for ads to run in the forum when at any given time there's on average of about 50 participants/visitors and 1 robot.

    And for those Banana Splits fans who don't remember Chongo...
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  17. The YouTube link was a sort of humorous reference to the fact YouTube has figured out a way to force Ad Blockers turned off which has happened to me recently. They don't tell you specifically. They just slow the heck out of navigation and prevent me from clicking on the next video. The only way around to get a video to run is to hyperlink off either a Google search or the link within a discussion. First one's free, want to see additional videos, the ad blocker has to be turned off.

    Glenn does make a valid point about ad revenue generators paying for what appears to be free media consumption not even possible on TV.
  18. This is what Glenn wrote earlier in this thread:
    QUOTE="GPalm, post: 5621681, member: 6309921"]The current subscriber benefit as it relates to ads, is an "Ad Free portfolio". We will take a closer look at expanding that to mostly an ad free experience for subscribers or at least the very least dialing it back.[/QUOTE]

    Given the quite varying accounts of subscribers and non-subscribers using or not using ad-blocker reported in this thread, I am now at a point where I am not sure what I am supposed to see. What I am certain off is that as a subscriber I don't want to see ads anywhere. I am also quite certain that as a subscriber or non-subscriber I can make ads, warning banners and overlays disappear for good with the right choice of software, browser, and ad-blocking plugins.
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  19. Several links have been posted as to why advertising is needed. I would like to present to this audience the opposing opinion of why adblocking is a much needed security tool. Granted, it has been said that the ads presented here to totally photography related. OK, I get that and I see that (although Save the Children is not photography related).

    So with that, and I hope this is not deleted in fairness of presenting two sides of the story, here is the piece: Princeton’s Ad-Blocking Superweapon May Put an End to the Ad-Blocking Arms Race

    Watch the video that is in the article. It is both informative and humorous.
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  20. Thanks for the link, Brian. That was a worthwhile hour reading through the links and watching the video, especially the "Panopticlick" browser tracking and fingerprinting tester.

    Imagine the revenue generated if I saw ads on all those links even though I haven't been able to afford or even wanted to buy anything they advertised going on over ten years surfing the web. I wonder if those ads can tell whether I'm a lurker or buyer? Now that would be very informative for them. That way they wouldn't bother to show me the ads. Tag me as a lurker.

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