4K Video blurry with my new GH4

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  1. I just purchased a GH4 and a Rokinon 16mm. I set the camera to manual focus and used the zebra lines to focus. I was shooting a dance recital from the balcony so I was quite a distance. everything looked tack sharp in the live view and when I play it back in the camera and look at the it with a loupe it looks very sharp. However, when I play it back on my computer everything is blurry. I don't have a 4K monitor. could this be the reason? is there a trick to editing 4K? Please, help. thanks.
  2. First: The zebra lines are there to help you with exposure, not focusing.

    Second: You need to provide a lot more information about your workflow, here. Are you actually editing the file (and if so, with what software?) or are you just rolling playback of the original file you created (and if so, what are you using to play the video?).

    The on-camera display has nowhere near 4K resolution, so you're seeing a down-sampled and sharpened playback when you watch it on the camera's LCD, loupe or not. It's very hard to tell whether you're describing display issues on your computer, compression artifacts from how you processed the file, or ... well, could be anything! Have to have more information about the file you created and how you're handling it. Obviously a picture is worth a thousand words, too. What you'll find very helpful is a YouTube or Vimeo account so you can excerpt a few seconds of the video in question and post it at 4K so you can link to it as a visible example.
  3. Adding to Matt's remarks, the lens aperture will be wide open if ISO is set low and the dance recital is under low light making accurate focus even more difficult.
    I don't own a GH4 but this thread seems to suggest there's a way to show a magnified view to facilitate critical focus:
  4. I meant to say I had the focus peaking on the help with focus.
  5. It is not 4k but I use a MustHD 7" monitor set to multiply 2X to help with focus.
    The GH4 AutoFocus and AutoISO are usually right on.
    Perhaps you need to try a MFT AutoFocus lens like the Pany 12-35, 35-100, or LUMIX G 20mm F1.7 II ASPH.?
  6. I can not edit so I will add to my response.
    Most camera monitors show a lower resolution image so adding a lope does not help much.
    The HDMI port can be set to show the RAW image, thus the main advantage of external monitor.
    Most of the LUMIX lens can be used to advantage as the GH4 will pre-focus them for faster and more accurate AF.
    The in-camera 4k is very good but the 1080P codec bit rates are higher (usually resulting in better eventual playback).
    If you have an UHD computer monitor, fast enough Hard Drive and Video card you should be able to play back 4k files.
    Otherwise DownRes to 1080P or shoot 1080P.
  7. We use FEELWORLD FW759. It is working well with GH4.

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