35 viewfinder needed for M3

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  1. Per MD's above comment, I dug out my Imarect finder to try the 35 framing. No question that what is inside the black will be the image. But it is a lump and the image is small. Per SB's comment I shouldn't complain. But knowing the source of the M3 and Summaron, I'm sure the M3 has never been opened if the Leica seal is to be believed. The M3 body also shows a good deal of wear. Additionally the 35 Summaron 2.8 although in great cosmetic appearance, is in dire need of a thorough cleaning and lubrication. Neither of these items have been in use for at least 25 years. To restore both, I'm above $500 and possibly more. I'll do the restoration effort first, continue use of a 35 Summaron f3.5 LTM on another body and learn to use the Imarect. The M4-2 rebuild with the anti-flare kit will have to wait. There is no sense shooting film if the body and lens, regardless of age, are not in the best possible mechanical and optical condition.
  2. The beauty of the Imarect finder is that it is the only one which shows the actual 100% image recorded on the negative at actual working distances. (Also, the earlier Universal finder, which reverses image from left to right).
  3. The 50mm bright-line built into the M3 shows a 90% image of the actual field at 3 feet. The Bugeye finders show 100% at actual working distances.
  4. The Russian finders can’t be beaten for price. While I have a Summicron w goggles as well as a Leitz 35 finder, my favorite is the 35/28 voightlander sold by Steven Gandy, because it’s very small but bright. Less is more.

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