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  1. From the album: Birds

    Cardinal rouge Northern cardinal
  2. My lens was not wide enough for this display overhead. Exposure Date: 2014:02:28 00:18:46; ImageDescription: [Copied to photo.net] “Emerald City Corona” (converging rays) Big Dipper (up R side) & Polaris (Ctr) -- green aurora, Alaska Range, spruce trees along Nenana River-side rest stop, north of Cantwell, Alaska -- GPI 5 forecast, NR, moonless night; Make: NIKON CORPORATION; Model: NIKON D200; ExposureTime: 5/1 s; FNumber: f/2; ISOSpeedRatings: 1600; ExposureProgram: Manual; ExposureBiasValue: 0/1; MeteringMode: Pattern; Flash: Flash did not fire; FocalLength: 11 mm; FocalLengthIn35mmFilm: 16 mm; Software: iPhoto 9.5.1; winter green energy light borealis nightsky aurora-borealis north boreal star starry storm solar emerald corona northern geomagnetic streamer cascade skyfall darkness night night-sky phenomena northern-lights northern-skies northern-latitude high-latitude latitude latitude-63-degrees-north february solar-wind high-energy-particles visible-light electromagnetic-spectrum electromagnetic-particles electromagnetic-waves nightscape release-of-energy photon-emissions photon emission bucket-list ionosphere last-frontier north-to-alaska way-up-north geomagnetic-storm sky stream woods forest curtain ribbon veil veiled road-trip travel travel-adventure adventure travel-destination destination windy-pass nenana-river interior-alaska cantwell george-parks-highway-alaska-state-route-3 space-weather solitude wonder quiet stillness wonders-of-the-universe van-allen-radiation-belt earth's-magnetic-field solar-wind-charged-particles-collide-with-oxygen-atoms-which-emit-auroral-light green-aurora photon-emission visible-light-spectrum what's-up-in-the-sky-tonight polar-lights aurora-oval

    © Copyright 2014 Jane E Gnass - All Rights Reserved

  3. I stopped the car as this corona erupted near the setting full Moon. Aurora had been fiercely active all night, while temps dropped to 0ºF. It was both exhausting and exhilarating. Artist: JANE_E_GNASS ; Exposure Date: 2015:01:04 05:47:07; ImageDescription: **digitally remove x1 moonlight flare superior & R of moon** (V) 20mm ISO 2000 f/2.8 1.0 second; Jan 4, 2015 5:47:07 AM — “Full Moon Corona” Pulsating aurora borealis near constellation Auriga [Capella (Alpha Aurigae) & Menkalinan (Beta Aurigae)], landscape lit by full moonlight — before morning twilight, Hatcher Pass Road, Upper Little Susitna River, snowy Talkeenta mountains, Matanuska-Susitna Valley, Palmer & Wasilla, Alaska — © 2015 Jane E Gnass (janegnass@gmail.com) — Astrophotography Nightsky Night Sky Aurora; Make: NIKON CORPORATION; Model: NIKON D700; ExposureTime: 1/1 s; FNumber: f/2.8; ISOSpeedRatings: 2000; ExposureProgram: Manual; ExposureBiasValue: 0/1; MeteringMode: Pattern; Flash: Flash did not fire; FocalLength: 20 mm; FocalLengthIn35mmFilm: 20 mm; Software: iPhoto 9.6.1;

    © Copyright 2015 Jane E Gnass - All Rights Reserved

  4. Moucherolle phébi Eastern phoebe
  5. peter_kennedy1

    Snow Storm

    A late season snow storm.
  6. TPiorkowski

    Country Side Farm

    Country Side Farm Litchfield County Connecticut
  7. Pentax K-5 II, Pentax-M 135mm f3.5 @ f8
  8. Bogdan Gerasymenko

    Frozen River

  9. brf

    morning after

  10. brf

    snowball bush

  11. Todd Kraenzel

    Frozen Contortions

    This is what happens when it goes from 80 deg F to 22 deg F overnight.

    © Todd Kraenzel

  12. brf

    ring around the tub

  13. peter_kennedy1

    Winter Landscape

    Landscape of snowy trees in winter.
  14. brf

    wren on edge

  15. brf

    cold out here

  16. The jagged icy peaks of Alaska's Chugach Mountains emerge from the clouds, photographed from high above.

    © ©Chris Moore

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