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  1. oddly enough I have both bags. I'm boggled you can fit that much into the f3x. I use the f3x for one body with 1-2 extra lenses at most. I've had 2 SLRs with lenses mounted, a few primes and a Rolleiflex TLR in the crumpler and there was still some room left.


    Your kit will most certainly will fit in the crumpler 7-million dollar home, with room to spare. The crumpler is quite padded compared to the non-padded f3x. The crumpler is a quality bag that works well in the field and on trips.

  2. Thanks for the props, W T. I sold my coolpix 950 3.5 years ago and now use a Sony F828 for infrared. I've been at it digitally for over 6 years now and am starting to think of jumping to a converted dSLR. The nikon 950 can be had for cheap now a days and is a great little camera for infrared, it just needs an IR filter. I dont have the time anymore to develop film and scan it like the old days.


    I personally like the live real time preview on the LCD though, something you dont get with HIE or a converted SLR. It lets you get a good feel for the scene and experiment with angles before taking the photo. I think with experience though you'd know what you're getting on a SLR, just like the great HIE shooters know what to predict.


    I'd go the digital route myself.. you never know when Kodak will cease HIE production (hopefully never!).

  3. short answer : spiral staircases.


    That was the one thing that struck me when I first moved to Montreal years ago to do my BFA, all the spiral staircases. Lots of interesting compositions can be found in them.


    Have a good trip, and yes, do go wander around vieux montreal (old montreal).

  4. it rewinds automagically at the end of the roll. If you want it to rewind before that, you have to press the two buttons that have little red rewind symbols above them. I dont have my F80 in front of me, but one is on the top of the camera by the LCD, one is on the back of the camera by the dial for changing the modes.
  5. I lost mine too, falls off way too easily.


    I replaced mine with the magnifying eyepiece DK-16 (meant for the d200) instead. Now the D70 has less 'tunnel effect' when looking in the viewfinder and the dk-16 clamps securely in place and hasn't come loose at all.

  6. Cristian, the big shops in town for photography gear are Henrys (www.henrys.com), vistek (www.vistek.ca) and I also like going to Downtown Camera (www.downtowncamera.com) - they're all close to downtown.


    If you only have a few hours and you're downtown, one of my favorite spots to go is by ferry over to the Toronto Islands. They're deserted in the winters. There are some birds and lots of interesting landscapes to find and a cafe to pop into to warm up.


    have a good trip.

  7. I took a look on the yahoo infrared_photography group i'm part of, and there are 30D users reporting success using Hoya R72 IR filter. You'll need a tripod of course. You shoot a photo and then adjust the composition based on reviewing the image, or screw on and off the filter.


    enjoy that new gear when you get it.

  8. the tips and tricks I could give you might not apply. Different cameras make for different shooting in infrared. I shoot IR handheld with a live preview on my sony F828, whereas the unmodified dSLR folk are shooting blind on tripods. What gear will you be using?


    Infrared is loads of fun to shoot. What you need most is a sunny day and the great outdoors.

  9. It's a nice mid-zoom on the digital bodies, it's a 55-210 on the dx bodies. I have one from my F80 and use it on my D70s as well.


    The other nice thing about it I didn't see mentioned is the excellent macro mode it has, you can get right in there.

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