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  1. This is a particularly resonant shot for me as I lived on 33d b/t 1st and FDR and did my residency at NYU and Bellevue Hospitals. I spent a lot of time there in Midtown...amazing how evev in midtown Manhattan there are forgotten blocks.


    Great shot...did you do the double exposure in camera or in the post?



  2. I love this portrait. It is direct, compelling, and intimate. The choice of monochrome is perfect. I love the placement of her feet and the slight motion blur in her hand. Wonderful.


    I would recommend Silver EFEX Pro if you are interested in monkeying with monochrome shots, it allows local control over contrast, brightness, and structure, also makes monochrome conversions from RAW files much more film-like. It's not cheap but when I look at prints I have made I cannot imagine digital black and white without it. I sound like a sales guy! This is a mono conversion from my point and shoot from a color file:




    To nitpick, I would add a levels and curves adjustment layer to this nearly perfect photo.







  3. I really enjoy this shot, particularly the interplay of lines in the shadows as they come off the wall onto the ground. Fun stuff!


    It might be interesting in BW with extra contrast added to the shadows.





  4. Gorgeous scene well exposed and composed. The colors are pretty without being oversaturated. This is really great, Dick...and great to see that you are so productive.


    I saw you mentioned to Tom Keller you are interested in printing. My recommendation is a spyder 3 calibrator and then I print via white house custom color (whcc.com). Their prices are reasonable and their color prints are exceptional. Black and whites are good too but I miss darkroom prints. Give them a try! There is nothing cooler than seeing 11x17" copies of you work (I have printed 24x36 from my D300 on macro work...radical).


    If you want to monkey with cropping and resizing, Genuine Fractals 6.0 preserves detail much better than the photoshop enlarging algorhythms. Worth trying if you want to enlarge to a size that requires strange interpolation (e.g. if you want to enlarge to 122% as opposed to 200%).


    Great photographs...keep them coming.


    One other thing: You may enjoy the "Nikon DSLR Forum" at flickr. Fun group, weekly challenges, civil discourse.





    98 plus

    Great subject but a whisper of fill flash would have made it better...her eyes are black pitts. Also the file is a bit soft, but that alone is not a deal breaker. Lovely subject, really amazing. Congrats.


    David, this and your photo of the two trailers are really great. I am viewing this on a small screen and I have to say the use of selective desaturation is pretty effective. I am looking forward to the larger view on my home computer. Cheers, jay



    The best part is the shroom on the right leaning in to the others, almost like they are women in dresses sharing a conversation.


    Nice depth of field, too, thought the angular aspect of the bokeh is just a little distracting (never would have distracted me if I hadn't been told on some lens forum that circular out of focus highlights are less distracting than geometric ones...but c'est la vie).





  5. You are really becoming quite a photog, Dr. A...it's always a pleasure to come back to your photos and see how good they have become.


    Have you ever tried scaling these bad boys up with a scaling program (e.g. Genuine Fractals, etc)? These would make really strong prints at the 16x20-ish size.


    I hope you are doing well. I am in the Bahamas for a wedding, signing overdue charts from my laptop! We all have to pay the piper...





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