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  1. Pierre Dumas

    the instrument.jpg

    Nice painting of a violinist with his instrument! Best PDE
  2. Pierre Dumas


    I like this one as a landscape with wonderful mood created by the sunlit area! Best PDE P.S. A noticed the title after I inserted the comment and I now must add that the picture fits the title or vice versa!
  3. Pierre Dumas

    the visitors.jpg

    You said painting, this is also for me a painting and an excellent one, Wayne! Best PDE
  4. Pierre Dumas


    I also thought fields of rice, Wayne and stopped on that! Likeable, pleasant to the eye composition! Best PDE
  5. Pierre Dumas

    Kepuhi Point.jpg

    Interesting, good looking and kind of moody! I think it's an excellent work of art, Wayne! Best PDE
  6. Pierre Dumas

    the route.jpg

    Hi, Wayne Long time no see! I like this picture because of its composition, depth and dramatic, kind of, atmosphere! Best PDE
  7. Pierre Dumas


    From the album: PORTRAITS

    Unknown person who looked well for taking photo of him! Photo taken: 2006:07:06 16:27:33

    © Pierre Dumas

  8. Pierre Dumas


  9. Pierre Dumas

    Petre Todorov

    Thank you very much for your precious visit and for you supportive comment, Giangiorgio! Ciao PDE
  10. From the whole album I chose this one to comment on because of the beauty of the model, the beautiful pose and facial expression and the perfect technical quality! Best regards PDE
    Hi, Kathy I like the combinations of colors here and the freshness of the mood Best PDE
  11. Pierre Dumas

    Petre Todorov

    From the album: PORTRAITS

    My youngest cousin, son of my uncle, before he moved to Nederlands to work as a programmer and to live there with his family Date Taken 2010:05:17 08:18:52

    © Pierre Dumas

  12. Pierre Dumas


    Ciao, Giangiorgio, Thank you very much for your kind support! Ciao PDE
  13. Pierre Dumas


    Thank you very much for taking of your precious time to comment on this picture, my friend! Ciao PDE
    Caro amico, Non ho parole per descrivere la mia gioia per questo tuo capolavoro di ritratto. Tutto è portato alla perfezione, colore, posa, sfondo, trucco della modella...pura perfezione! Complimenti, Maestro Crisponi Ciao PDE
  14. Pierre Dumas


    Thank you very much, Kathy! Best PDE
  15. Thank you very much, Kathy! Best PDE
  16. Pierre Dumas


    Really?! Thank you for your precious visit and nice comment, Kathy! Best PDE
  17. You're welcome milady! Please, feel free to see what I have new in my albums! Cheers PDE
  18. Pierre Dumas


    From the album: PORTRAITS

    One of my friends from Doyran, haven't seen him from the time this photo was taken, exactly 2007:03:01 13:23:14

    © Pierre Dumas

  19. Hi, Tina Congratulations for this masterpiece of yours! Best PDE
    Hi, Sandy Beautiful macro you have here! Best PDE
  20. Thank you, Tina, thank you very much! Best PDE
  21. Thank you very much for your valuable critique, Sandy! Best PDE
    Hi, Kathy! Beautiful roses on beautiful background nicely out of focus Best PDE
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