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    panther Creek


    Thanks Craig. Yes, I know the water looks blown out but the web compression is part of the cause. There is detail in the highlights they just didn't carry over. And yes I know you can scramble down to the bottom but the rocks were wet so I decided to stay on top.


  1. . This was takeb along the Dalles Mt. road just north of the Columbia

    River. It was just beautiful up there with very little wind. That's the

    Columbia River in the background. The photo was taken facing west.

  2. This last weekend my wife and I traveled highway 101 from Lincoln City

    to Crescent City CA. The weather was terrible and we even had some

    snow in Bandon where we stayed for two nights. This shot was taken of

    the Crescent City Lighthouse mid afternoon in a small break from the

    weather. This particular lighthouse has a whole lot of potential if you hit

    it at the right time. Since the light was kind of harsh, I decided to

    convert it to B&W. The wind was really blowing and it was COLD!! What

    do you think?

  3. This was taken late fall this year when the whole area is usually covered

    with snow. The lighting from the setting was hitting the area with light

    like I've never seen before. Let me know what you all think.

  4. This was taken at the Oregon Coast as the tide was coming in. Under

    the ground is the ocean and every once in a while it would form a spray

    through a giant crack. Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.



    I shot this the other day high in the Mt. Hood national forest on

    Wildcat Mt. I was bush wacking when I started thinking of the name of

    the Mt. I was on (Wildcat Mt.) I quickly shot this scene and got the

    heck out of there thinking a Cougar was lurking around. Let me know

    what you think of the image.

    Desert Symphony


    This was taken in the John Day National monument fossil beds. It is the painted hills unit and

    it's very difficult to get a good shot with clouds since the area gets less than seven inches of

    rain a year. Let me know what you think.

    Columbia River

    Thanks for the comments. I've tried on many occasions to get a shot with good lighting from this location. This is probably is the best i've had. As for the sharpening, I thought I may have over sharpened it. Look at the trees on the right hand corner.
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