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  1. I really like this - simple and effective. Deservedly picture of the week - thankyou to whoever chose it as it introduced me to Leslie's folder of stunning images, most of which are at least equal to this. This thread also serves to remind me what a load of utter bollocks some people in the photo.net community talk.

    1 out of 4

    ...but does it actually look better than just a straight colour or straight black and white shot? Is it cleverness for its own sake? I took the "same" shot in colour and decided it looked better in black and white. Personally I save the partial conversion to black and white to situations where it adds something to the "story" the photo is trying to tell.


    Afraid I don't see any benefit in the fact that it was infra-red. Don't particularly like the composition and think it was technically far from perfect.
  2. I like this. Haven't seen all the "conventional" shots of this location but this is obviously something special with lovely graduation of blues in the background. Only thing which would have improved it is something for the eye to focus on in the foreground - a figure perhaps... but that's not really a constructive criticism because you couldn't have conjured foreground interest out of thin air and as a landscape I think this works beautifully.

    Missing istanbul


    You asked what I think - well I think the single word above pretty much sums it up. Definitely my kind of image - you'll probably see what I mean if you visit my portfolio or website - it's exactly the sort of image I'm trying for. I don't think I'm in a position to offer "constructive criticism" because I haven't really taken many shots (if any) which are any better than this, but I would say maybe if the subject boat had been a little further over to the right with more space to move into this may have improved the composition very slightly.


    Great work!

  3. What a wonderful shot. I think I'm going off Velvia in my old age though, it's fabulously sharp film but the colour saturation is excessive. If it were me I'd be tempted to edit the star trail out in Photoshop but I suppose from a certain point of view it's a feature. It looks like a scratch though if you don't know what it is. But these are v. minor points, congratulations on a wonderful shot!
  4. Nathan, if you've seen this picture so many times before I can only take offence that you aren't prepared to comment on it or rate it, but you can take the trouble to say you're sick of seeing it. If you genuinely want to see some of my other work check out my portfolios on photo.net, on profotos.com or my website www.virtualtraveller.org
  5. Haven't got a clue what Aslan (wasn't that the Lion out of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?) is wittering on about but I love your shot. I always think a good photo should be simple, which it certainly is, and I hate too much colour - it's essentially monochrome (just red and black). So very simple and very beautiful - 10/10


    And of a great bunch, I think this is my favourite. Not sure why, maybe I'm tiring of colour in my old age (I'm 26) but there's something so satisfying about a good graphic black and white! Great stuff.
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