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  1. Well it appears to say Kodak on the rewind knob !
  2. Loved my Mamiya 7 , and had the good luck to have the 50, 80,and 150 lenses . Had it for over 5 years , it went on numerous motorcycle trips with me and never failed to perform flawlessly . Most of the time shooting Provia 100F with the intents of getting a projector . I should've checked the price on that at the beginning . Not too long afterwards it was put up for sale on one of the camera forums and before the night was over had 10 bids above the asking price from all around the earth ! They do take fantastic pics ! Used the proceeds to buy a Tig welding outfit I'd lusted after for years .. Peter
  3. Is there anyone around your neck of the woods that might have a known good back , they'll pretty much fit any back from the original Etr on . Peter
  4. Post some pics , and if not up to snuff , get in touch . Peter
  5. Arthur , I might be able to help , contact me if you'd like at "marvelousmr@hotmail.com" . Peter
  6. Have owned all the Etr variations and stuck with the Etrs (more metal) . Have both the wlf and ae-ii finder , use them both and enjoy which ever one is on the camera at the time . The grip is pretty much a necessity when hand holding . Strangely the only lens I knew I had to have in the beginning was the 150 , in 8 years I never took a single picture with it , it went with one of the camera sales . Get backs with the double tabs on top . Enjoy it , Peter
  7. And getting back to my earlier remark concerning the pictures I was hoping to see , it appears he hasn't returned to this forum for 3 years ! I guess it's gonna be quite some time šŸ™‚ . Peter
  8. We were at that same beach in 2016 on another of those lovely sleep over and tour boats ! Absolutely loved our time there . Peter
  9. ^ Was that first pic with a polarizer ? And where were those taken ? Peter
  10. And here we are , 4 years later and I still don't see those images šŸ™‚ ! Peter
  11. ^ I was hoping for that response šŸ™‚ . The AMAZING Kowa lenses also have triple heli-coil and that has kept me busy trying to mark the exact spot where each had become free . That plague for the last few years gave me plenty of time (and patience testing) to practice the re & re with my Absolutely Thrilling selection of Kowa cameras and lenses .
  12. Not too sure if my experience with the LOVELY Kowa lenses is relevant , but if I set the helicoils incorrectly on reassembly the Infinity marks wouldn't line up , but then I know diddly squat about hasslbad lenses šŸ™‚ .
  13. I think you're mixing up the Etr(si) models with the earthquake inducing S2 Bronicas šŸ™‚ . Peter
  14. Been gone for a while and just noticed this thread , I smiled when "Joe" mentioned he owned one of my fave traveling cameras (the Mighty Kowa 6 ) . The Kowa Super 66 models that I own were a bit problematic , winding mechanism and frame counters on the removable backs ( I did succeed in repairing the winding mechanism , with a carbide tip from a table saw blade and lucky brazing ) . But those are other stories , if you like the 645 format , just get a Bronica ! Peter
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