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Lily II


The inside of a lily, cropped image. Shot on a tripod with an Olympus Zuiko 50 mm 1.8 lens.

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A close look at the pistil and stamens of a lily flower, shot in 2010 with a mix of natural and artificial light. The spill of reproductive material (which resembles kurkuma) and the gloss on the pistil intrigued me. This is a cropped image, taken with a vintage Olympus Zuiko 50 mm 1.8 lens. The aperture was f 11.0 (PN always seem to state 9.9). Your comments are very welcome.
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A very well sharp original macro of the stamens with the anthers rich in pollen and the pale pistil of this white lily. The lily symbol of purity and chastity in Christian iconography is reproduced here with the reproductive organs in full view with all their details , ciao Giangiorgio
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Hi Giangiorgio,,


thank you for your beautiful comments! I like the fact you mention the lily as a Christian symbol of purity, while the lily in the photo shows the reproductive organs as you call them. Kind regards, Vincent

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Hi Gregory and Verena,


thank you for your friendly comment! I was actually surprised to see how much detail this photo showed. Kind regards, Vincent

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Hi Todd,


thank you for your wonderful comment! I was a bit surprised myself at the level of clarity myself. Kind regards, Vincent

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A picture with great aesthetic value and technical quality, wouldn't say macro, but a close up near to macro! Nice real colors despite the mixture of lighting nature also and well composed (positioned)! My sincere compliments, Vincent! Cheers! PDE
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Hi Pierre,


thank you for these friendly and relevant comments! Actually the photo has been cropped, so you're right, it's a close-up. Kind regards, Vincent

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Beautiful picture, Vincent! The details of the lily core are shown very impressively! I llke it, Bravo! Sincerely, Tatiana
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Hi Tatiana,


first of all, welcome back! Thank you for your very friendly comments, and for favoriting this photo. Kind regards, Vincent

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