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Renardido in a stare down!



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Giangiorgio...Renardido is obviously the leader of the sibling pack!Glad you like the good opportunities the group gave me.Salutations-Laurent
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Hi Laurent,


your fox-series is very nice and Renardo has become a true celebrity! I greatly enjoy your pictures of these beautiful animals, so please keep them coming! Kind regards, Vincent

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Vincent....Foxes are very elegant animals and this young pup is a fine example.It was three years ago that Renardo was a regular visitor and a good friend which supplied me with a ton of shots and became a regular on PN as you note.This little guy along with four of its siblings and their mother have elected residence in the basement of an old abandoned house I own and it's only recently I could get some shots.....this one,a male which I have named Renardido seems to be the leader of the pack and is the less shy of the group.I'll post more shots as soon as I get acquainted.Salutations-Laurent
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Greg & Verena...They are not plentiful but fairly common given there is still good areas of wooded grounds in our remote and scarsely populated location.Our long winters are their biggest handicap as they have to survive hunting mice and rabbit so once they find a human friend to help foodwise,they stick around much like Renardo did some three years ago.This crop of young ones will soon leave the comfort of the basement to fend for themselves as the mother must be on the edge of releasing them as they have almost reached full size.Salutations-Laurent
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Warren...Thank you!This young one is just about adult size and I suspect it will soon be on its way to fend on its own.Salutations-Laurent
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