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Water Grass

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Exquisite colours and reflections of the grass and with such a variety of colour and texture in the background trees too. It would be interesting to a see a portrait version of this shot also.

Very well done!

Best Regards


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Thanks everyone for your comments.  The low sun was really cooperating that day.  That always helps.  Not sure what you had in mind Alf, but here's a vertical.  Alan.

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The original is a very nice  image, nice colors, but  the second vertical composition has  more  stronger effect on the subject. The fallen wood  and  less  foreground  highlighting  the composition more.  It has a more  positive  focal point. IMHO.


Cheers;  Bela

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I'm in agreement with most of the positive comments above and have a couple of my own.  First, it's good to see you having fun with the RB67, a camera I used to own, which I foolishly sold at a low moment many years ago.  My shot of the ship launch in my 20th Century folder was taken with this camera.  As for this shot, I find the saturation a tad high & I was wondering if you were using Portra 160VC or 400VC.  (or some other high saturation film)  I tend to favour the NC version (lower saturation), adding any saturation if required in Photoshop.  I also favour your vertical version as I think the dead wood branches fall at a better place in the frame in it and reduces or minimizes the strong effect of your much brighter foreground grasses.  One other opinion to ponder.  Best, LM.

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Len:  thanks for your comments.  The vertical does have it's qualities.  I can't decide which one I like more so I'll keep both!  The film was old Velvia 50 which really saturated a lot.  It was taken about 15 years ago, I believe with a 350mm so I could zoom in.  It was quite bright that late in the day.  The grass in the background was glowing orange although I probably added a little saturation PP, maybe a little too much.   Here's a shot of the area taken from the camera position.  This shot was with a 50mm.  You can see the orange grass in the background and notice it was very orange.



I picked up some Portra 160vc and 160nc to play around with, but not yet the new Portra 400.   I haven't had a chance to get out there yet to shoot.  I came very close to getting rid of my RB67 too; it's been sitting in the closet for years, declining in value by leaps and bounds.  Reading the photo forums about film and having scanned my old films have sparked a re-interest in shooting it again.  I always liked the slow and deliberate way of shooting with the RB67 on a tripod.  My photography definitely improves.  Alan

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Wonderfull shot, great explosion of colours and tones. I like the composition with the foreground water reads  and then the water to forest background a very well sort picture and great that you shot it on film. I also have a Mamiya RZ67. I look foreward to using it again soon. Best regards Carl

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There is nothing like the results from using larger format photography. Outstanding !

I like both presentations that you have posted here.

Great job.

Regards,  Mike

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Andrew. Thanks for your comment.  Much appreciated.  The low sun on the right really made the colors "pop".  Alan.

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Wonderful picture. I love the colors and the difference in textures between the grass/water and leaves.

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