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Nikon D100 - for action photography (continous shooting)

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How does the D100 do action photography like alpine sports and

wildlife. 3FPS is enof for me. I intend to do continous shoot for

like 2-3 secs MAX on RAW.


1. Will the consecutive shots be blur?

2. Will the AF system be fast enough?

3. Is the D100 a adequate option to avoid the D1h?




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If the frame rate is sufficient for you you should be fine. The autofocus is probably ok though if you use AFS lenses you will be much happier. The biggest advantage of the D1H or D2H is frame rate and buffer size.
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You are going to want the D2H , not the D1h. Should be starting up to show on the

shelves in October & November. US$3500.00.


Advances: 8-fps, 25 frame NEF (40+ JPEG large/

fine) buffer. less "noise" in low illumination situations, (Also translates as better high

ISO performance, significantly shorter lag time than any thing else on the market;

instant on technology; X-sync speed of 1/250th; better speedlight system; faster and

more accurate autofocus, better battery life. In short this will be worth your money.

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