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which is the best digital camera for shooting jewelry ?

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I need a camera that I could use for my work as a jewellery designer

(photographing jewellery, small pieces, from very small distances,

and with high resolution, so I can use

them for print), for my work as a graphic designer, so it needs to

have high resolution so I can use the photos directly for catalogs and

so on, whithout being too complicated or too heavy for day by day

use. It also needs to have enough memory to store lots of pictures,

so I dont need to change cards every 20 photos, and rechargeable


Could someone gove me some tips for a good camera, not too expensive?


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It sounds to me like you're fairly new to the world of digital cameras.


"Not too expensive" should not be in your vocabulary. You get what you pay for.


Your storage issue is entirely up to you. The camera you buy comes with a basic card, but you'll certainly need to buy the largest storage-size you can if you don't want to change cards too often. However, I think that requirement is a little strange if you're working in a still-life environment. Why can't you just off-load the images right to your computer when the card fills up? Are the subjects going to walk away? :)


Also, have you thought about how you're going to light the items? The best camera in the world can't save you if you are expecting to light the scene with the lights in your house.


As for batteries, you're not in any luck there either. Expect to purchase a large number of backup batteries that you'll have to have charged and ready to go.


Maybe what you should do is to find a good photography rental place and test some cameras out?

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"You get what you pay for."


But do you need a $12,000 camera for this? I think not.

$350 should get the job done. I would suggest you go to a local camera shop (not best buy) and talk to a salesman about cameras.


As the previous poster stated, lighting is key, but there are many ways to skin that cat.

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