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D-76, Kodak Rapid Fix, and other Kodak chemicals

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I notice B&H is no longer selling many Kodak chemicals. I was going to do a little bit of film photography and I have some chems in powder but was looking to buy a little more. I was trying to go for D76, Kodak Rapid Fix, Kodak stop bath, Hypo Clear, and Photo flo. I understand Kodak is not in the best of shape these days. I would be develop some Tri-X mostly (I still have some in the fridge). Any suggestions for where to get chemicals, OR what to substitute? Ilford maybe but where would I get the appropriate instructions for Tri-X? Thanks.

UPDATE: I did find some at B&H by going outside to google and searching there and linking back into B&H. Not sure why I couldn't search inside. Even so, maybe you can still help me by telling me what you might be processing Tri-X with these days if anyone is.

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15 hours ago, James Bryant said:

I just looked at B&H darkroom chemicals and they hade several available for free shipping. Depends on the individual chemical. 

I think they might ship powdered chemicals but not liquids.  Some of what they list is only available for store pick up.

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Good morning. You can get all the developing info you need from the Massive Development Chart. www.digitaltruth.com  and just click on the Massive Development chart link. You can find almost any combination of black and white film and developers you can imagine. I prefer Ilford Ilfotec DDX these days. You can mix at room temperature instead of the 122 degrees D-76 requires. Just mix what you need and throw it away once you use it. B&H has plenty of Ilford chemicals. Both DDX and Ilfosol can be shipped. I'm having some delivered today.

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