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Carla Bruni by Jean-Baptiste Mondino

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A long long time ago, I had a 'Glamour' magazine. (Probably more that one, if the truth be told.) The front cover depicted a smiling young lady tastefully clad in white lingerie - the rear an image of a soldier with (if I recall) an expression of agony on his face as bullets ripped through him. I folded it so the front cover was visible, and walked down the street in a local shopping centre, looking for reactions, and many people frowned at the image. I then refolded it so that the rear cover was visible - and no-one reacted. This was probably about the time that The Doors recorded 'People are Strange'. Just saying - this was in the late Sixties, so it is not a recent phenomenon. 

I consider I was lucky - I had some openly gay relatives (well, after 1967, anyway !), and I only passed my French 'O' level exam because the master fancied me ! Never had any sexual hang-ups, but I could never understand the apparent media correlation between sex and violence, much of which was promulgated by the media themselves. 


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On 1/29/2024 at 3:19 PM, John Peri said:

Why is there such hysteria in some societies around the subject of nudity, though thankfully less so in France.

This statement seems generic and fundamentally unfounded. Nudity is displayed always and everywhere, available to anybody. Where’s the hysteria?

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