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Photo identification - dog with mannequin leg in mouth, T-Fords

Kacy H.

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Hi - I wonder if anyone has more info about the attached photo. It is a dog carrying a mannequin leg, and what looks like T-Fords on the side. Is it taken by a well-known photographer, or possibly just someone's lucky snap? I have tried TinEye, and it appeared suddenly on meme-sites in 2013. I have a hunch someone scanned it from a photo book (or even a still from an old movie), but I could be wrong. Any info appreciated!


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Google image search finds this one:


which doesn't say where it came from.


Google image search is pretty good at finding a lot of places from outdoor pictures.

I have used it on both my pictures, and those posted here, usually in No Words.

Easiest is to do "copy image link" in the browser, and then paste it into the appropriate box.


OK, Google image search has a "See exact matches" link.

Most of the time, I don't want that, but for this, I suppose so.

It finds many exact matches, though I didn't figure out which is the original one.

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-- glen

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Oh, ok.  I didn't notice it was a link to a movie.

But I do like to remind people about using the Google search, as I have used it to find
where many others came from.  It is sometimes surprisingly good, and at others
kind of funny.  Sometimes it finds the wrong feature, and so matches the wrong thing.


And sometimes I forget where pictures I took are from.

-- glen

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