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Finally found use for my Angle Finder C

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Although I purchased tons of macro equipment anticipating that one day they might come in handy, this equipment is mostly collecting dust. The other day while looking through my dungeon, I found a Canon Angle Finder C boxed and in pristine condition. I'm not even sure when, or if I purchased this item, or maybe Santa Claus had a hand in it ?

Even though I wasn't planning on doing any macro work that day, I quickly put the finder on my Canon 6D. For some reason it was very loose ? The reason was that the eyepiece on my camera was too small for the finder. I figured maybe I could use some gaffer tape to hold it down... That's until I finally read the instructions ! The instructions stated that the Finder comes with an adapter for the two sizes of eyepiece that Canon uses on all their cameras. There is an Ed-c adapter and a  Ec-c adapter in the box. Apparently, my camera uses the Ec-c adapter. OK but would I have to do a bunch of complicated, time consuming screwing and unscrewing ? Nope, the adpaters just slide on and off.

So I removed the Ed-c adapter and replaced it with the Ec-c adapter.  The good thing about this finder is that it has a mirror so your images do not appear upside down once you look trough it. it is also pretty bright, but I wish it was a tad brighter. It also has a 2.5X magnifier to help in focusing . The stem of the Finder also rotates from left to right for added convenience and flexibility.  

This Finder has now become indespensible to me ! I use it on my Real-Estate job to take pictures in tight corners and spots that without it would be impossible. No flippy screen, no problem ! Well almost...       


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