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10 yrs. old: one Ilford XP2 and one Fuji NPH 400 Professional, both 135-36 :


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Pretty much box speed if the ambient temperatures were cool to cold for that 10 years of storage. If they were subject to room heater temps in the winter time, well that might cause problems. Generally, unfrozen expired films of that age or older give a mixed bag of results from lack of sharpness, in colour films, with daggy colours and colour shifts to noticeable colour casts. The XP2, I'm not sure about, never tried it, but being B&W, it might be good at box speed. If I was to give those films any extra exposure, it would be only 1/2 stop. Accurate times and temps in the C41 processing is warranted with expired films, using twiddle stick agitation. Good processing means that if there are any problems, they will be within the expired film itself.

Here's a shot from an expired (2013) Superia Xtra 400, also 10 years old, but frozen for 7 of that 10. Colours still quite vividimg20230824_10595351copy.jpeg.6a2c420144082e75fce6025fc6491a1c.jpeg

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Yes I know this is so last year, but ...

The box speed of XP2 might be 400, but the actual data sheet says between 50 and 800 with usual C41 processing.

With older C41 film, I tend to go a little lower EI, for higher exposure, just to be sure.

With normal black and white film, maybe only 1/2 stop for new to 10 years.


For reversal films, always box speed, or don't use it.

-- glen

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