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Photoshop like you never seen it

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The Creative Live website  which is under the Learn tab on this website(Photo.net) offers a course in Photoshop that is above any course in Photoshop I have taken. The Host for this course is Ben Willmore.' Here is his description: As a photographer, Ben Willmore has shot in all 50 states and explored over 80 countries. He has been pushing Photoshop and Lightroom Classic to their limits since the beginning.

Here is a link to the course: https://www.creativelive.com/class/adobe-photoshop-cc-the-complete-guide-ben-willmore   Unfortunately,  its not free. The course costs $15 per month with a subscription,  but the good thing is that you can watch it over and over again in case you missed something.  You can also buy the course for $49 which might save you money. 

Another good thing is that the Host really knows what he is talking about and is very clear and consice. There are no ahhs, hmmms and other empty 'filler' spaces. 

I would not recommend this course to Green beginners, more like a brush-up/upgrade for people who already know the basics and have used Photoshop for a while.    

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