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How to edit photo description?


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2 hours ago, josephine said:

I saw it. But there it’s only possible to delete the file.

.. you are right, but it has changed since I last looked   .. until recently, I was able to go way back and change a title. Hopefully, this ability will return. 

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It would be nice to see if anyone is working on these things and what's the worklist for admins. Beside the option you've mentioned above - which I believe is crucial, there are also other funcions missing. You can create albums now, but how come you can't move your photos which are already uploaded to a specific album. One can not edit tags after this 5 min time window is up. These are some of the basic things needed for this place to run propperly.

And then the final question, how do I know who to address with these sort of questions and issues. From my previous posts I never got the feeling any of the admins read it let alone do something about it. It seems like Photo.net has its own timeline and worklist of functions and it would be at least nice to know when something's going to happen, not just be absent for a month and then discover there's a new feature...

So... Admins, programers, what's up?

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If you were watching the site over the last few months, you'd have seen it said again and again that the site is essentially not being maintained. Photo.net passed to new ownership. Fiverr bought CreativeLive, so they own Photo.net, but they had no plans for it. They have gone as far as moving it to a new off-the-shelf platform (Invision Community) to let it continue, but there is no budget for add-ons or custom programming. Moderation is all done by volunteers. There has clearly been something effective done about spam, which was getting bad but has somehow been sorted. But mostly, what you see is what there is going to be.

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