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How to upload a single picture?


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There's more than one way.

To add a photo to one of the themed galleries, go to the gallery you want to add to. At the top of any page, under Explore, click Gallery, and choose one of the catgories. At the top right is a green button 'Add images'. Once you click that, you'll be guided as to whether you want to add your images in a gallery of your own, or just a single image in the category you chose; and there's some options about copyright etc.


If you only want to post your picture in a discussion thread, you can click in the Reply box at the bottom of the thread, and as it opens up, at the bottom of the box is a pale-grey strip with 'drag files here to attach, or choose files'.  I think if you add them as attachments like this, that thread is the only place they'll appear. You can't later use them in a gallery, without uploading again.

Incidentally, if you have your photos at Instagram or Flickr, you can just paste the url of the page where they're hosted there, and photo.net will turn that into an embedded link showing the picture; again, only within that discussion thread.


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