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"The Color Green," The Faculty Club, UC Berkeley CA, Feb 1 -28, 2023


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Exploring The Color Green was a fun exhibit to put together. Subject matter is wide-ranging, from an iris to I-beams. Green may have the starring role or that of a vital bit player. Or it may serve as a backdrop, providing the perfect environment for the subject.


The exhibit will be up from Feb 1-28, 2023. The exhibit at the Faculty Club is free and open to the public. Bay Area, folks, please drop by if you get a chance. Thanks. --Sally


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On 2/4/2023 at 9:13 AM, ericphelps said:

Wish we could see them here! I was hoping the exhibit would be on your website but not there yet.

It's on my website, now. Sorry it took so long. On the website, please view the larger version of the photos, a couple of them look dramatically better.

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