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Planning an future monster YouTube series


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I'm planning on making a YouTube series, need monster ideas

I'm going to be working on a film made in unity so that I don't have to use cgi
The first two seasons are going to have 20 genetic creatures hybrid (10 each)and I already know what 5 of them are going to be 

__Season 1__
Unnamed African wild dog hybrid,
Ralph-grey wolf hybrid,
Lizzie- saltwater crocodile hybrid,
Unnamed monitor lizard hybrid

Unnamed caiman hybrid 

I want to know if yall have any ideas for names or even genetic creatures hybrid that you want to see animated 
If you want to give them backstories or want to know the backstories of the 5 that I named.
Just leave your ideas below or ask me about the backstories below

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Not wishing to criticise (and I wish you luck in this project), but shouldn't the monster ideas come before the plans ? That way, you know (at least in outline) how the monsters will look, behave and interract with their environment and each other - not to mention predators and food sources. Also, please keep in mind the laws of physics when animating - when creatures jump, they decelerate towards the top of the movement, then accelerate in the opposing direction (for an example of what I mean, have a look at 'Walking with Dinosaurs'.

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