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RB67 Pro/RB67 Pro-S Cross Compatibility


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I am currently having trouble with my rb67 rotating film back. Any time I take an exposure, the film advance lever wont release. The only way for me to be able to advance the film lever again would be to take the back off with the dark slide and press the upper right button that would normally be pressed when you press the shutter. Does anyone know why this could be the case? 

Is it possible to use a normal rb67 film back with the rotating adapter and still be able to rotate it?

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It is possible to use a Mamiya RB67 Pro back on a Pro-S or Pro-SD camera. The catch is that the old Pro backs had no mechanical link with the camera body except for the double exposure warning window at the left/top of the film back. In effect the Pro back doesn't "know" that an exposure has been made and therefore the wind lever stays locked until the film wind-stop release lever is pushed in the direction of the little arrow. After this is done wind the film advance lever to go to the next frame.

The newer  Pro-S and Pro-SD backs do have a mechanical link with their respective camera bodies so the film wind-stop release lever is only useful if it necessary to wind the film on without firing the camera.

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