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On 9/29/2022 at 7:39 PM, q.g._de_bakker said:

And in spite of that, somehow many, many, all too many people do believe anything anyway.

What is missing in the above quote is that today people just do not care whether truth or fake.


1. Most people are increasingly 'exposed' to a vast number of images each day from a wide variety of medias sources, some more 'trustworthy' than others.  As a consequence, my guess is that many people increasly spend ever less time viewing each image and are less 'critical' as they do so

2. Fake/manipulated photos on social media are increasly difficult to distinguish from authentic ones for everyone (video's too!); most people don't have the time to look critically at each photo and they don't have the skills that many experienced photographers might have in looking for clues as whether a photo is fake, manipulated or authentic.

3. Regarding information in general (visual or otherwise) people have their own 'truths' based on their personal beliefs convictions or preferences. The psychological term 'cognitive dissonance' explains why people are much more ready to accept (non-critically) information that matches or supports their 'personal truths' than information that runs contrary to these. Look no further than the 'media preferences'  of citizens who hold different political or religious views. Not only in the US but in NL too!

FWIW, a multi-talented and well-respected Dutch photographer (Hans Aarsman) made a name for himself years ago in his weekly columns in a national newspaper as a 'photo detective'. In his weekly column, he posted an international news photo and discussed 'what's wrong with this photo?' Among his many photography books, are 2 in which his 'photo detective' column have been bundled.

A current Google search on 'photo detective' brings up many hits!



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45 minutes ago, mikemorrellNL said:

Look no further than the 'media preferences'  of citizens who hold different political or religious views.

I think it’s important to look further. When you do, you’ll see significant differences, depending on religious and political beliefs, in the trustworthiness of the sources used. It’s not about holding different beliefs. It’s about holding particular beliefs. Spreading falsehood (lying) is fundamental to very particular and specific religious and political goals. Stalin, for example, and the Nazis were/are (they’re still among us) more invested in and adept at fakery than Winston Churchill. The same is true of Putin and today’s other wannabe authoritarians and repressive fanatics. Certain folks employ deception much more than others.

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