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Sony ILCE-7RM4A camera problem

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I am user of new ILCE-7RM4A camera and I ask your help to solve problem of on top Exposure compensation dial unlock. Sony Help Guide states: "Pressing the lock button at the center switches the exposure compensation dial between the locked and unlocked status. The dial is unlocked when the lock button is popped up and the white line is visible."


It was opposite on my camera. Though sometimes it was unlocked. Why? That is makes me nervous. I even made rear Control wheel do +/- exp. comp. But accidentally I reset on top dial from zero position and cannot set it back to zero. The lock button is popped up, but dial is not unlocked. Besides white line is visible always. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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If it's under warranty, send it back. That doesn't sound right.


Mine works exactly as described in the manual:

Press Once - the centre button pops up and the dial can be rotated.

Press again - the button stays depressed and the dial is locked at whatever compensation setting.


Yes the white line is partially visible at all times, but becomes a very noticeable white band when the button is popped up.


BTW, the dial still has a lttle resistance to being moved, even when unlocked. It has quite stiff detents at 1/3rd EV intervals. It's never freely rotatable.

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