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How to trek with hiking poles with camera ready?

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I am going on an extended trek in Nepal next week and have been cogitating the question raised in the title. As I'm nearing my 8th decade, I definitely need hiking poles for the long steep descents.


Here's what I've come up with: a cheap and easy system that hopefully does the job. First, you hang the camera strap off the handle at the top of your backpack to keep some of the weight off your neck and onto the shoulders. Second, use short bungee cords to keep the camera from bouncing off your chest with each step. This also puts the weight on the shoulder straps. Please excuse the quality of the photos.


Anyone tried something similar?





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I have Cerebral Palsy and spinal defects from birth. I have my camera around my neck, and the lens I carry with me, and use 1 Leki trekking pole, usually for this job (usually supporting the short, left weaker leg).. have brace, wheelchair, trekking poles, and forearm crutches, whatever tool gets me to the pictures. The scissoring photographer here. Always keep an extra pair of shoes, plenty of socks, film, and batteries for my Luna Pro. Usually have more than one film camera at the ready. Edited by Kent T
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Good ideas, but not much protection from the weather. A MindShift Rotation pack might offer a better solution. There's room for food and clothes, and the camera is safely stored where it can be accessed without removing the backpack. All the weight is on your shoulders and hips.


Rotation 22L Backpack


For more mundane treks, a Cotton Carrier harness seems to be popular.

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You might want to consider a Cotton Carrier harness, The Best Camera Harness for Hiking & the Outdoors. Hands Free Camera Gear. Shop by Activity.. I have one. They aren't cheap, but mine works well. It holds the camera very securely, allows quick release, and actually helps balance, as it offsets some of the weight of the backpack. The only disadvantage is that you have to use one of their plates rather than standard plate or L-bracket.
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